Robbie Williams


I picked South of the Border as my favourite track from Life thru a lens earlier FYI.


The golden age of entertainment. I don’t think we’ll ever see the likes of them again.


come on mate


Some class posts in this thread, very entertaining.


Just remembered his obvious masterpiece, this 7 minute mariachi monkey marathon. Its about his cocaine addiction, which given the sheer amount of the stuff he must’ve taken to write it is staggering - “dungarees and rollerblades”! “3 monkey whores”! Perfect nonsense.

Also some people seem to think it predicts the Las Vegas shooting, just to make things even more ridiculous.




Nothing you could say can change people’s opinion of someone like him, after such a long time in the public eye so i’m sure not a single post in the thread would alter the haters minds even one milimetre, but… frequently amazing tunes, FEEL is the best pop star biography of all time, amazing live (saw him last year; still amazing), hangs out with the Pet Shop Boys, relatively decent cat by all accounts, and this clip where he explains his charity work (7 minutes in until the end) is solid gold


(Only joking, I have an IQ of about 2)


Nobody Someday is a really intense watch. He’s someone with such an uncomfortable personality for the position he’s ended up in, absolutely desperate for validation but so anxious.

Also, this:


I have conflicting opinions on this. Yes, he’s put out a lot of utter garbage, especially in recent years, but he also has at least one album’s worth of bangers. Me and my then girlfriend took my sister to see him live for her birthday about 12 years ago and despite my massive reservations, the man knows how to put on a superb show. Also Come Undone is brilliant.


Get over yourself pal, this is a ridiculous take.


Sorry I was having a weird/rubbish day yesterday, wasn’t really feeling right. I was just typing before thinking.

I still stand by my opinion that Robbie Williams is atrocious though.


haha! More of a Gary fan?


so THIS is where Arctic Monkeys got their new direction from.


I admire Robbie’s unpredictability. As though his life will implode or he will sabotage his career and confuse his audience. His need to entertain and be adored, but keep his distance from the fans. I liked it when he used hand gel at that New Years concert.

I can imagine Robbie saying, “Without you fans, I’d still be famous and rich.”. Makes a change from the monotone tedium of Gary Barlow. Gary and his market reach, consumer satisfaction and quarterly reports.

I’d buy a decent comp of Robbie’s singles.


Yeah I might have overreacted a touch. Just irks me when people post things that might deter or discourage others from voicing their opinions because they’re unpopular or not ‘part of the fabric of the place’. A lot of Robbie Williams’ output is awful, but threads like this exist for debating that, there’s no try-hardery involved I don’t think and it’s important to keep that going on these boards, no matter the subject. Anyway, no beeves here, hope you’re feeling better today.


Ho iz Gary?


Fair enough, I was being a prick yesterday, I was feeling really empty/dead and just said the first thing that came into my head.


Also i got an exuse to remind everyone that trippin is underrated and a choon. Even if it has robbie rap in it


I think Come Undone has the most bitter set of lyrics in a Top 5 British single ever. It’s not even close, it’s just relentlessly pained and self-loathing in every respect. I can hardly believe he got away with it. According to ‘Feel’ by Chris Heath, producer Guy Chambers refused to record it or have anything to do with it. A great record too!