Robert De Niro (not dead, just an idiot)

What the fuck Bobby, making shit films not enough for you now?

Absolute ice burn by the writer to choose Meet the Fockers :joy:
Not a fan of “I guess” in a supposedly serious article mind


It’s clearly quicker to draw up a list of people in Hollywood who aren’t idiots/arseholes/really terrible people


It’s a snarky blog, it’s their house style.

Oh I’m aware. State of that industry pal.

Burn it all down.

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Might be wrong, but isn’t he usually pretty reasonable/lefty on things?

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Early Bananarama lyrics needed more work.

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Yeah, but anti-vaccination stuff is sometimes a feature of Lexit types


What proportion of people know the ins and outs of the arguments, though.

Few, i’d suspect.

When you realise you’re sharing a stage with a man spouting crazy shit.

There’s a strong anti-vaxxer/pro-homeopathic medicine wing amongst the like of the Greens etc.

Vaccinations have eradicated diseases like polio and saved millions of lives and there is no evidence they cause autism.

What other “ins and out” are there?


Let’s wheel this old thing out again:

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Wellllllllll I’m 100% aware homeopathy isn’t medicine or real, but as a placebo I know it’s dramatically improved the anxiety of some people I know - almost completely. And I think if it works for something so completely personal/psychosomatic who am I to judge.
And then I wonder that if it does genuinely help people why couldn’t it be on the NHS, and then my mind starts boggling.

Homeopathy for treating anxiety is not the same as vaccinations though.


Oh sure, never said it was. Just that while some lefty loony lexity new agey types are dangerous some are more reasonable. Anti-vaccination is obviously horrendous.

The placebo effect is a known thing though - and can be administered for a fraction of the cost, and a lot more safely than quackery like homeopathic medicine.


I’m sure there is although I feel homeopathy being so widespread might add to its placebo effect somewhat. I should add I don’t actually support it being on the NHS it’s just weird how humans work.