Robert Eggers' The Northman (spoiler free)

It gets a trailer:

Loks cool and Eggers will probably do some interesting things with it (expecting a more inventive story arch than what the trailer hints at, for example), but I really REALLY wish they’d stop doing these fake accents when making English language period pieces. Either do the actual language or do normal English. Ruins so much of the experience for me tbh (Vikings was fucking awful for this).

PS: Obviously there’s not much to spoil yet, but marking this thread as spoiler free (for now) in any case


Bjork! Cøünt mè ín


Yeah, looks like she’s some kind of Seer or something, should be good!

I enjoyed The VVitch and The Lighthouse, so giving this the benefit of the doubt. However…that trailer feels like a film that has already been made several times over and recently :woman_shrugging:


Yup, agree with all of this

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i read all your posts in lagertha’s voice ngl

This is the worst thing I’ve read all day

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Robert Eggers is the fucking man, hope this is great.

constantly get robert eggers and roger ebert mixed up

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I’ve just been very confused getting Dave Eggers and Robert Eggers mixed up.

I’d watch this film


Robert Northers’ The Eggman


I get Robert Eggers and Roger Ebert confused all the time

Thanks for the edit @japes :egg:

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TIL this isn’t Robert Eggers


Can I offer you a nice Eggers in this trying time?

Yes, yes you can.

This seems to be getting great reviews everywhere.

BBC and The Times didn’t rate it, but most other reviews seem to agree that it’s a pretty wild ride :woman_shrugging:

Just found out this is scored by Vessel! Hype increase!

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Still quite psyched for this, it does look less weird than the previous two but hopefully there’s a couple of cool twists in it.

I love the vvitch and the lighthouse, thought they were both fantastic films so i will definitely see this. But i agree the trailer didn’t look that good.

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