Robert Eggers' The Northman (spoiler free)

Booked for Saturday afternoon. Hopeful that Eggo like Ari Aster, Jordan Peele and Julia Ducournau all continue their 2 for 2 records.

Yeah I’m go see this

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Thought this was silly and fun but maybe not up to the standards of The VVitch and The Lighthouse.

All the actors were great thought Nicole Kidman was great at an obvious moment and Ana Taylor Joy gave me chills when she did a speech after the Northman decided to do some more breast stroke. Skarsgard held his physicality really well in the role and the sports game was my favourite bit.

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Mark Kermode called this an “accent salad” in his Northman review so I guess he agrees with you about those accents being a load of toss.

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Big big hmmm for me this one. Was just overly heavy muddy brooding and macho, without much else to offer relief or variation

Sports match was good, enjoyed the few funny moments, the tree of life/gates of Valhalla/mystic visions stuff was all great and the clear highlights for me. But yeah it was just pretty one note and I didn’t connect with anyone or really care about how things played out. ATJ was great with what she was given, the wind summoning spell was cool

Disappointing. I didn’t love The VVitch like others did but it was still a good time with a strong sense of time and place, and The Lighthouse was just a great ride

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Thought this was a bit ho-hum TBH. His third best film. The film seems to reach the end to its story about just under half way in, then struggles to maintain the momentum until the inevitable conclusion. There were some laughable plot points (who is killing all the men? Could it possibly be the hulking great guy who literally murdered someone in front of you seconds ago? Why would you leave a prisoner alone? AND throw him his sword??? WHY would you hide in your OWN BEDROOM???), which just gave it a bit of a shoddy feel overall. Kidman should have been the one to kill him.

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I like films like The Green Knight and this and hope to continue watching more of them

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Felt pretty similar. Kinda wanted it to either be more entertaining and silly or instead more arty, weird and interesting. In the end, I felt like it kinda fell somewhere between the two and failed to scratch either itch.


I enjoyed it. It was like a heavy metal concept albums gatefold sleeve made into a film.

Also As an old 2000ad fan it’s the nearest we will ever get to a Slaine film.


went to see this last night. hmmmmmmm while i quite enjoyed it and it by and large zipped along it’s a film i’ll never watch again.
it looks great and throws you straight in so i had high hopes but anytime it got going it all of a sudden became stunted somehow.
quite a few laughable scenes although i seriously doubt they were meant to be laughable and some real chewin the scenes acting.
kinda feels like a wasted opportunity.

Completely agree that the wind summoning scene was ace although I was very distracted that I couldn’t see a swimmer in the background of the shot. My personal fave was the introduction of Skarsgård on the long boat near the start of the film, I want to see a behind the scenes on how they did that one.

Its incredible the quality of the film considering it was filmed in 2020, I never expected to see anything to this level. I just wish Sjon wasn’t involved since thats 2 films in the last year that I didn’t like the writing of that he was involved with, Lamb being the other.

Lastly did anyone else notice the bad ADR, so many scenes where the lips and voice didn’t match up. I get much of it was shot outside but still.

What do you mean here?

loved the atmosphere, way it was shot, sound etc, just didn’t care about the plot at all. Just a boring revenge thing - was hoping for something weirder maybe more abstract. I guess I thought it was going to be a better version of valhalla rising.

Not easy filming something like this with a global pandemic and a lot of uncertainty at that point. Its normally very obvious that people aren’t ‘close’ to one another for pieces filmed during this period, however I never got any sense of social distancing from The Northman and it didn’t seem to impact on what they were seeking to achieve from what I can tell.

As a counter example I found the last 2 eps of Fargo Season 4 very distracting to watch.

The Northman Wiki: “Filming: Principal photography was to begin in March 2020, but it was halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Filming started in August 2020, at Torr Head, County Antrim, and Ballygally near Larne in Northern Ireland. In September 2020, the team began filming in Malin on the scenic Inishowen Peninsula in County Donegal, the Republic of Ireland. Filming wrapped early in December 2020.”

Couldn’t think of a worse time than March to December 2020 to have attempted a movie like this.


Ah yeah fair, definitely impressive from that angle

Really really enjoyed it. Thought the graphics for the ree of Life were a bit dodgy, but otherwise surprised how fast I got emotionally involved in the story.


Didnt like this much to be honest. I’m a big fan of his previous two but this felt a bit too…generic perhaps? Also scenes felt like they came and went at such a pace. I could have done with it being a bit slower and with more time for things to breathe a little more.

Wanted more Bjork too but that’s just because I love her.


Yes but dear god I also would never watched a 3 hour version of this


Uff, what I wouldn’t do for a full adaptation of The Horned God. Can just imagine some FX crew trying to work their head around bringing Bisley’s illustrations to life.

One of those films where you couldn’t tell if it was supposed to be as funny as it was.

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