Robert Miles has died


He had some bangers and it’s probably fair to say Children was one of the first dances tunes I loved.


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This is sad, and 47 is no age :frowning: Children was an absolutely colossal tune and was everywhere for a few months in the mid-90s.

Blimey. The poor guy, 47 is nothing…

Quick question: What’s a ‘Legacy’ Producer?

Aw no way! That’s terrible, 47 absolutely no age.

Some bangers indeed. RIP

I am not overstating anything - that aged 10 Children change my life.


yeah that period around The Bends and OK Computer but also mainstream chart trance/dance when I was 10/11 was so fundamentally formative to my musical taste

RIP Robert Miles, Children is an absolute classic

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Totally agreed



It’s either a typo and it’s meant to be ‘legendary’ (which is what it says in the headline when you follow the link) or they’re using it to mean ‘someone who’s been around a while’ I’d guess.

Probably someone writing the headline half-asleep, half in shock, and the meta data change hasn’t refreshed.

This is an interesting read:

‘Children’ was one of the first singles I bought, I think. Great age for big hit dance tunes.

Very sad indeed. Children was one of my first singles I bought (maybe my second single, after Scatman John), which I listened to repeatedly. As well as Fable and One & One (taping this from the radio and listening lots until it was released as a single), and the album also. I had a very brief phase of similar dancey stuff like Chicane and some other artists I can’t remember now, before leaving it all behind. I still love it when Children came on the radio.