Robocop, Total Recall and Starship Troopers - triple feature in Jan


Let’s do this?


Sorry but I’ve seen them before.


nah you’re thinking of Weekend at Bernie’s






Fuck, if this was a triple bill of Weekend at Bernie’s, Stir Crazy and Ruthless People I’d be there so quickly.




i believe its a triple bill of robocop, total recall and starship troopers


Andy is correct.

Its a triple bill of robocop, total recall and starship troopers




although the NEW robocop is good. But not as good as Dredd was.

Man I wish they’d make a sequel to Dredd.


Your opinion is? Yes. Glad we agree.


Good? Really? I mean I’d have said it was okay. Good is stretching it. Fine performances but just incredibly lacking in any sort of actual love.

FWIW the order is
Total Recall > RobCop > Starship Troopers.


i thought it definitely had a bit of style to it, and a new angle that really felt interesting - the auto pilot that he wasn’t actually aware of etc


@1101010 please escort mr Maddox from the building


the worst of the robocop sequels


That was an Easter Egg for xylo, mate.


They’re on telly every other week why would I pay good money to watch them surrounded by self-regarding london dickheads who probably talk loudly throughout the film expressing their uniquely clever take on whatever is onscreen? (probably)


I mean it wasn’t the terrible thing it could have been but somewhere it lost the black humour that makes the original sharp and interesting but it didn’t have enough to say to overcome that. Unlike, say, the US House of Cards, which similarly remakes a much-loved blackly comic masterpiece.


i have never been to one of these sorts of things before. i thought it was just three films back to back and they probably sell nachos?