Robocop, Total Recall and Starship Troopers - triple feature in Jan


yeah okay good point. Dredd had a sense of humour in that regard


what about apollo 13, twister and titanic for a Triple Bill


I think you’d want The Abyss as your third instead of Titanic there, wouldn’t you? I


No mate. Doesn’t work like that in London.


no that was ed harris


sorry xylo, new robocop was absolute fucking dross


i know what it was


You don’t see enough films with a metallic blue and red colour scheme these days.


Actually maybe rc>tc because of how the dad off of that 70s show melts

I love these kinds of films


Can you fly bobby?!


anyone who puts Starship Troopers over Total Recall and Robocop needs sectioning, imo.

utter madness


Yeah I second this