Robot brothels


Now a thing, apparently:

What do you think about that then?




Is this FOR or WITH robots?


Yes and (robo) hoes!


I feel like a robot vagina/anus would be much more difficult to clean between customers than a human vagina/anus, and for that reason, ahm oot.


Thank you for thinking about this on our behalf


I’ve seen all the episodes of Westworld, and it’s obvious that this kind of thing will just lead to a convoluted, poorly though out and badly told world.


Can we request our favourite sex robots from popular hit movies? If so, I’ll have Cherry 2000 and Pris please.

Will skip the Fembots from Austin Powers and Niska from Humans though - bit aggy…


what a world


One robotic vagina for me, please


Eat in or take away?


to eat out please


i would listen to a punk band called Robot Brothels


I would like to hangout with Jonny 5, not sexually


Beef Embargo Robot Brothel.


I’d like 30 minutes with Henry Fondle.


I dunno if you’re going to be able to convince the robots to pay to have sex with you but I admire your entrepreneurial spirit.




See all that stuff in there Homer? That’s why your robot never worked.


Big question

If it could be guaranteed that no-one was to ever find out about it

  • I WOULD have sex with a robot
  • I would NOT have sex with a robot

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