Great advice from the pick-up masters, Jackson and Livingstone

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These are the rules for battling dinosaurs and giant robots. Whenever you are fighting in your robot then the rules for robot combat must be used:

  1. Roll the dice once for the foe. Add its SKILL score. Add 1 if the foe is faster than your robot. This total is the foe’s Attack Strength.
  2. Roll both dice once for yourself. Add the number rolled to your current SKILL score. Add any COMBAT BONUS that was listed for the robot you are piloting. Add 1 if your robot is faster than the foe. This total is your attack strength.
  3. If your attack strength is higher that that of the foe, you have wounded it. Proceed to step 4. If the foe’s attack strength is higher than yours, it has wounded you. Proceed to step 5. If both attack strength totals are the same, start the next attack round from step 1 above.
  4. You have wounded the foe, so subtract 2 points from its ARMOUR score. You may use your luck here to do additional damage (see below).
  5. The foe has wounded you, so subtract 2 points from your own robot’s ARMOUR score. Again, you may use LUCK at this stage (see below)
  6. Make the appropriate adjustments to either the foe’s ARMOUR score or your own robot’s ARMOUR score.
  7. Begin the next attack round by returning to step 1. This sequence continues until the ARMOUR score of either you or your foe has been reduced to zero - or until you escape.
  8. If your foe’s ARMOUR is reduced to zero, you have won. If your own robot’s ARMOUR is reduced to zero, it has been destroyed. But you are not necessarily dead, or even injured. You do not lose any of your own stamina unless the instructions specifically say so.

On some pages you may be given the option of running away from a battle should things go badly for you. However, if you do run away, the foe automatically gets one wound on you (subtract 2 stamina or armour points) as you flee. Such is the price of cowardice!! Note that you may use luck on this wound in the normal way (see below). You may only escape if that option is specifically given to you on the page, and if your robot is faster than your foe.

If you have just wounded the foe, you may test your luck: roll two dice. If the number rolled is equal to or less than your current luck score, you have been lucky. If the number rolled is higher than your current luck score, you have been unlucky.

If you are lucky, you have inflicted a severe wound and may subtract an extra 2 points from the foe’s stamina or armour score. However, if you are unlucky, the wound was a mere graze and you must only reduce their score by just one.

If the foe has wounded you, you may test your luck to try to minimise the wound. If you are lucky, you only take 1 point of damage. If you are unlucky, deduct 3 points instead.

No fire drill is scheduled this afternoon, so if you hear the fire alarm, please exit the building by following the signs. Fire exit to the rear and also along the corridor and second on the left.


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I now turn the conference over to Mr The Warn, President and CEO of Robot Combat, for this afternoon’s presentation



You are a rancher in the land of Thalos. Your people (and your enemies, the savage Karosseans) have built huge robots for many purposes. With a skilled operator at the controls, a robot can replace a hundred men - to mine ore, erect buildings, move cargo, or just about anything else.

The robots are also your best defence against the vicious dinosaurs of Thalos. Many years ago, the great lizards caused much destruction. But now mankind has learned to tame the beasts, and many of the folk of Thalos - like you - are dinosaur ranchers. The ranchers use Mark 5A utlitity robots, known as ‘cowboys’ to heard the dinosaurs! But wild dinosaurs are still dangerous, and all robots have guns to defend themselves.

Early one morning, you are just finishing your breakfast, when one of your assistants staggers into the kitchen. ‘So sleepy,’ he says. Then he sits down at the table, pillows his head on his arms and goes to sleep! You shake him, but you cannot rouse him. Alarmed, you go for help. But everyone else you see is asleep.

You rush back inside and switch on a radio. But you can only get scraps of messages: ‘Everybody asleep… Karossean attack… can’t stay awake…’ Soon there is nothing to be heard. You go outside again and pour cold water on several of your friends - but they just snore and mutter.

Then you hear a rumble overhead, like thunder out of the clear sky. You look up. Streaking overhead is the unmistakable shape of a Karossean robojet!

You realise what must have happened. Somehow, the Karosseans have managed to put everyone in Thalos to sleep… everyone but you. For some reason, you are immune.

Over the next few hours, you listen to the enemy comms and piece together the story. In the past, the Karosseans had steered clear of Thalos, with its brave warriors and its many robots, your land was too tough to attack. But Minos, their leader, hit on a clever plan. His spies spread capsules of a virulent sleeping sickness, and before too long, all Thalos was asleep!

Soon you hear a broadcast from Minos himself, talking to his invading troops. An elite force of 1000 warriors with hundreds of robots has invaded. But this is only the beginning. With the population helpless, Minos plans to loot your country. Its riches and its robots will be his; its people will be sold as slaves! And only you can stop it…

You know what you have to do. You walk back inside and buckle your father’s old sword to your waist. Food will be no problem - you know supplies will be easy to find - but you pick up a supply of five medikits. Then you head for the robot parking-area. Alone, you must defeat the Karossean invaders and free your land!



Love this footage of epimer on his way to the toilet

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tl;dr - we’re just a dinosaur rancher, standing in front of an invading army, asking them to not loot our sleeping country


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At the robot parking-area, you stop and look around. There are several robots there, but only two seem suitable for long distance travel. You study them both. The standard ‘cowboy’ walking robot is not fast, but sturdy and adaptable. The light flyer is very speed and manoeuvrable, but not really intended for combat.

  • Take the cowboy robot (24)
  • Take the light flyer (47)

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