Robotic Empire September Update


Hey everyone, September is almost over and fall is creeping
up on us out here in the beautiful mountains of NE Washington. Firewood cutting, chimney pipe
cleaning, various last minute cleanup and repairs around Robo headquarters have
been on the agenda as we prepare for winter snow that will eventually
come. Lots of good tunes have been
getting jammed over here while working on these fall activities and we’re
hoping you will be interested in picking up some of these below new items and

Can’t get enough of the Khruangbin album on Night Time
Stories! Self described as 60’s
Thai Funk, Khruangbin is steeped in the bass heavy, psychedelic sound of their
inspiration, Tarantino soundtracks.
Please check them out. The
Lucy Dacus album has been on a constant repeat, absolutely love her voice,
great song writing, can’t wait for more from her in the future as this one is
just stunning!

Picked up some great tape and vinyl releases from Kitty Play
records, lots of variety there so please peruse the list below. Bastard Noise tape, Emperor of the
North cassette which is WT Nelson’s solo project, known for his work with
Bastard Noise, Solo debut by Jay Randall of Agoraphobic Nosebleed, like I said,
great stuff, check that list!

The new Helen Money album on Thrill Jockey is now in the
store along with, Jay Reatard vinyl from Matador, some more soul via Naomi
Shelton And The Gospel Queens on Daptone Records, Russian Circles - Guidance
album, and some Reggae from The Frightnrs which we find to be a great evening
album for relaxing and unwinding from your day.

Later in October we’ll have that new cassette EP from
Virginia Creep so stay tuned for more news on that front. Can’t wait for you guys to hear those
new tunes and pick up the tape and some new stickers we had made just for the

Gonna list last months update for you to look over again too
as there were lots of goodies posted in August also in case you missed that
one. Also the last two days of the
T-Shirt sale is going on now. All
shirts in the Robotic Empire Online Store - are 30% off till the
end of the month. Better get on

Thanks as always everyone and have a great fall season!

New Items

Bastard Noise - Dedicated to Koji Tano, Live in Montreal, Canada
2015 Cassette (Kitty Play) $4.99

Emperor of the North - Self-Titled Cassette
(Kitty Play)

Frightnrs, The - Nothing More To Say 12"

Guilty C

  • Gold Land
    Trash Cassette (Kitty Play) $2.99

Helen Money - Become Zero - ORANGE COLORED VINYL 12" (Thrill Jockey) $19.99

Hive of Wires - Self-Titled Cassette (Kitty Play) $4.99

Jay Randall - Burl Veneer Cassette (Kitty Play) $1.99

Jay Reatard - Matador Singles 08 12"

Jay Reatard - Watch Me Fall 12" (Matador) $19.99

Jesu / Sun Kil Moon - Split 2x12" (Caldo Verde) $33.99

Kayo Dot

  • Plastic House
    On Base Of Sky 12" (Flesner) $19.99


  • The Universe
    Smiles Upon You
    12" (Night
    Time Stories)

Kill Me Tomorrow - Trap Like A Steel Mind - GREEN COLORED
VINYL 12" (Kitty Play) $5.99

Lucy Dacus

  • No
    Burden 12" (Matador) $19.99

Moving Units - Damage with Care - GREEN COLORED VINYL 12" (Kitty Play) $7.99

Moving Units - Dangerous Dreams - TEAL COLORED VINYL 12" (Kitty Play) $7.99

Naomi Shelton And The Gospel Queens - What Have You Done, My Brother? 12" (Daptone) $17.99

Russian Circles - Guidance 12" (Sargent House) $20.99

Tentacles of God - Self-Titled Cassette (Kitty Play) $4.99

Total J Crane Maneuver - Love Notes From Liminality: 4 Track Rawness From
Cassette (Kitty
Play) $2.99

Votolato, Rocky - Makers 10th Anniversary Edition 12" (Barsuk) $21.99

X Eyes

  • Live At
    Mata Cassette (Kitty Play) $2.99

X Eyes

  • Self-Titled Cassette (Kitty Play) $2.99


An Albatross - London: Live! 12’’ COLORED VINYL (Kitty
Play) $12.99

Pygmy Lush - Mount Hope 12’’ 180 GRAM VINYL (Lovitt) $12.99

Pygmy Lush - Old Friends 12’’ 180 GRAM BLACK VINYL
(Lovitt) $12.99

Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool 2x12’’ 180 Gram VINYL
(XL) $29.99


American Football – Self-Titled – 180 GRAM VINYL 12″
(Polyvinyl) $19.99

American Football – Self-Titled EP – 180 GRAM VINYL 12″
(Polyvinyl) $19.99

Ascend / Descend – Murdock Street 12″ (Tor Johnson) $10.99

Beach Slang – Here, I Made This For You Volume 1 Cassette
(Polyvinyl) $8.50

Black Heart Procession, The – One – 180 gram WHITE COLORED
VINYL 12″ (SDRL) $29.99

Bossk – Audio Noir – PURPLE COLORED VINYL 12″ (Deathwish)

VINYL 12″ (Deathwish) $14.99

Cursed – III: Architects Of Troubled Sleep – SILVER COLORED
VINYL 12″ (Deathwish) $13.99

Death Index – Self-Titled – BLACK WHITE COLORED VINYL 12″
(Deathwish) $13.99

Expo 70 – Exquisite Lust – GOLD COLORED VINYL 2×12″ (Sonic
Meditations) $24.99

Grief – Come To Grief Reissue – CLEAR COLORED VINYL 2×12″
(Alone International) $24.99

Hollow Sunshine – Bible Sea 12″ (Iron Pier) $11.99

Moment – Thick And Unwieldy From All Our Layers: A Complete
Discography 2×12″ (Tor Johnson) $19.99

Orthodox – Axis – COLORED VINYL 12″ (Alone International)

Rwake – A Stone, A Leaf An Unfound Door – BROWN COLORED
VINYL 12″+DVD (Behind The Mountain) $11.99

Sumac – What One Becomes – RED COLORED VINYL 2×12″ (Thrill
Jockey) $22.99

Wretched End, The – In These Woods, From These Mountains 12″
(Alone International) $14.99


Converge – Axe To Fall 12” ELECTRIC BLUE AND BABY BLUE
(Deathwish) $11.99

City Of Caterpillar – Self-Titled 12″ $15.99

Rwake – A Stone, A Leaf An Unfound Door 12”+DVD BLUE COLORED
(Behind The Mountain) $11.99

Various Artists – Doused In Mud, Soaked In Bleach – RECORD

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