Robotman TheoGB is having a meltdown on the music board and he wants everyone to know



holy crap.


Is this a bit like at 9am after you’ve taken a fist full of pills you can hear a beat in the fridge compressor whirr?


Fucking love Theo. Great example of “you do you”.


“around the Rudolph” doesn’t make sense though, why would they be singing that?



Forget it, Bam. It’s Theotown.


theo, rn:


Didn’t take long for @behave to come back and be a cunt, eh? Bye fuck face.


It’s an audio illusion mate. I know they don’t sing it but I hear it.


I had one of these recently was going to respond with it so it looked like I was contributing positively but I can’t remember it anymore :frowning: