Robyn returns!


New track, Missing U, out on August 1st apparently.

Hopefully there’ll be some live dates in there as well.

What shall we do in the mean time? Post your favourite Robyn tracks below!




Probably the best song of the decade so far:


YES! :grinning: So ready for this.

Aside from the aforementioned, I’m a big fan of The Girl & The Robot


It’s a fucking travesty Fembot never got a music video.


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Cool. I waited for her proper return for years. Still, her collab with Royksopp (Do It Again EP) was very good.


Get on with it, Robyn


well i am on my annual earworm for Call Your Girlfriend - will be stuck with me for weeks now - but that’s a good thing!

It was her performance of this on SNL that first really got me into her music


I like her Arthur Russell cover too on the Loveis Free EP


new single leaked yesterday, it’s great obviously


Where can I find this?


just msgd you there man


I am absolutely HAVING THIS!!


This amazing. It’s making me really emotional, it’s been so long since we got a proper Robyn solo single, I’m welling up at my desk.


I too would be interested in this secret information


And me!


Can someone PM me the link? Been hunting high and low for this


Another request for a link, please.