Robyn returns!



oooh fuck this track is good


To say there’s stuff coming out at 2pm, only to drop a video which just announces the song is coming out in two days time… pure evil

Can i get a link to the leak, if anyone’s got it? Thanks



… And last year’s collaboration with Mr. Tophat.
She’s a genius in which everything she touches turns gold.


This really has knocked my shit. EVERYTHING you could want. And up there with With Every Heartbeat.

Give us a bloody album though chuck, cheers.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Absolute Jam.




I’m not that impressed. Where’s the proper chorus?


the synth arp is so, so emotional. just like pure, shimmering, heavenly sadness. altho like I (think I) mentioned the other day, I feel like there’s an even bigger drop that doesn’t happen.

wish someone would do a ten minute trancey techno remix, like The Field, Ewan Pearson, Superpitcher style.


that arp tho, d-b. just focus on how gorgeous and heartbreaking it is.


Yeah have to say I’ve been pretty disappointed with this too. Seems to promise a lot at the start but fails to take off at any point :man_shrugging:t2:

Still, let’s hope the album has plenty of great Robyn songs


Totally agree with this. Was hoping it would grow on me but any time I put it on now it doesn’t keep my attention. It’s pleasant enough though - hopefully a few proper bangers on the album.


I really like it, although it does sound like it’s about to break into With Every Heartbeat at any point


I didn’t care enough to play it more than once. :-/

I’m sure it will grow on me when it’s in proper album format amidst some great tracks.


I like the synth arp but it’s not enough. :confused:



If we get Chromatics and Robyn in the same month then I’ll be elated

** we won’t, but a man can dream.



Guardian longread interview!