Robyn returns!




I’m buzzed.

I’m actually predicting it’s not gonna be a smasher for me straight away, at least if the singles are anything to go by. Reckon it’ll be a grower.



this is something that I am excited about.



I’m going to a Robyn themed club night tomorrow called Call Your Ghoulfriend. Unrelated, I like it when she goes ‘hhhhhmmmm’ in Honey


fuckin bangin album!

’Come get your honey’


Off away on holidays for a week with no internet connection and I forgot to download it before leaving :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Push the Button, right? Always a fun night (crazy busy)


Looking forward to this. Title track is gorgeous.


‘Send to Robin Immediately’ is the one! :heart:


Would attend this.


Those string stabs on Because It’s In The Music.
That stuttering bass on Because It’s In The Music.
That, is it a harpsichord? giving a counterpoint to those string stabs on Because It’s In The Music.

This is good.


Currently halfway through and yes, this is very good.


Like it a lot, and agree with others that it’ll be a grower. Beach2k20 is very fun.


Though saying that, Ever Again has been in my head all day…


Listened to the album once so far and this stood out as an absolute shocker amongst a decent set. Agree about Ever Again though: definitely the one that grabbed me most.


Beach2K20 sounds like a track made after spending some long nights in Ibiza. There are some great tracks here. Looking forward to listening for longer.

Something about it reminds me of the vibe from that Happy Mondays LP after they went to the Carribean and took loads of local produce!


It seems an incredibly short 40 mins, so I just keep hittng repeat.
Because it’s in the Music, Send It To Robyn and Ever Again are my standouts so far.
Quality stuff.


I still don’t get the abrupt ending to Missing U though.