Robyn returns!



yeahhhh came here to say this

sexy and cool vibes. bass is so good. really minimal, but just… ahhh.


no! you need to rethink this track.

do you like any minimal techno or microhouse at all? that’s the appeal of it, for me. the bass is so big and warm, with a kind of post-garage gravity. and she just floats above it.


oh wow

this came on when the album finished. never heard it before, but it’s pure silk. Wolfgang Voigt + Robyn? uhh okay yes please


Reckon a load of people had decided they loved this before hearing it


Uncanny how you only ever say this about stuff you don’t like


This is one of the best sequenced records I’ve heard. Love how the balance of power has shifted in the narrative by the time honey comes on.

She’s going from strength to strength as a singer too.


Like, all the different ground she covers in ‘Between The Lines’ is awesome


I genuinely can’t stop listening to Because it’s in the Music. Absolute corker.


I have found this album really boring unfortunately.


Yeah I’m not feeling it either after 4 or 5 spins. Reminds me of all the Cut Copy tracks between the ones I want to listen to.


I’m liking it the more I listen. But yeh, some of this sounds like lesser Cut Copy tracks.


Some tour news would really hit the spot right about now.


This was posted yesterday


I think the new album is very good, but I do wish it’d been a bit less subdued in places (though I can see why she’s gone for that).


Alexandra Palace - April 12


Presale 10am tomorrow


By a stroke of luck I am in Malmo that same weekend so will hopefully get a ticket for that, pretty small venue though.


Tickets for the London show: BOUGHT!


Fucking hell the prices for Malmo (still booked because I’m a mug)