Rock 'n' Roll behaviour


I would like to hear about times when you have behaved in a very Rock ‘n’ Roll way.

It should be noted that I’m hoping for behaviour from the late-40’s/early-50’s era of Rock ‘n’ Roll. I am NOT interested in hearing about any behaviour that could be described as Rock ‘n’ Roll from the 60’s onwards, especially not in the height of the 80’s.

Thanks in advance.

Combed my hair once.


Got someone to play with my dingaling

I appreciate that this isn’t the correct era


Excellent contribution, certainly very Rock ‘n’ Roll behaviour from the era we’re looking for. Thank you.

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Once had a drag race in a storm drain


Is this true?

As you said, wrong era. Awful post.

I’ll leave that for you to decide

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I was literally birthed in a crossfire hurricane


Would accept this if Mick had been drinking a “malt shake” as it is I am not accepting it.

I’m choosing to take it at face value, thank you for your contribution.

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I used my grandad’s brylcreem once, in order to impress a lady. Didn’t work.

Crashed my motorbike

wore a denim jacket

Was your Granddad a teddy boy?

I hope you’re ok


Leather jacket?

I think he fancied himself as such, yeah. But he’s dead now so it was hardly worth the effort.

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It was about 20 years ago. I’ve recovered.

no I already said it was denim