Rock Paper Scissors


Please watch the video then feel free to chat about whatever feels relevant.



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i got really good at rock paper scissors over the summer.



Practice makes perfect!


Anyone ever try to add a fourth thing into this game?

I added dynamite once (just holding your index finger up) which would blow up a rock but the scissors would cut the fuse off of it, couldn’t work out what would happen with paper though, it would probably go on fire?

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  • Rock, Paper, Scissors
  • Scissors, Paper, Stone

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Alright shit Big Bang Theory.






Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock


Jem and I had a RPS competition recently and we had to abandon it as we drew the same thing as each other 8 times in a row. What are the odds???


1 in 3 to the power of 8?


I honestly don’t know enough about Japanese culture to comment on this.


The fuck is that shit, out of here penoid!

  • Rock crushes scissors (?)
  • Rock blunts scissors (!)

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The clip is from a Janken tournament held to decide which of the idols gets to sing/appear in the the next AKB48 video.




I understand that, but I do not feel qualified to comment on wider idol culture and its role in Japanese culture.