Rockaway Beach lineup for next year (2023) looks good


Bognor in January are you kidding me?


Wish Peter Hook would go back to dj’ing

Old Christmas Day with Acid Klaus

Already had a ticket for this before today’s announcement. I’ve just heard that it’s a lot of fun as an event. And I like the Glastonbury-style eclecticism of having really good old acts (OMD) and really good new acts (Self Esteem). And in the day I can swim in the massive pool. Seems like a great way to forget it’s winter for a bit.


Was at a festival he was playing at last year, but not to see him. Ended up being surprised by how good his set was. Only had 50 mins and knocked out a really good New Order/Joy Division best of, and given his reputation I was surprised by how jolly he was for the whole thing…

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Did Mighty Hoopla there January this year. Was surprisingly mild weather wise, and Bognor is quite a cute town all things considered (excellent charity shops, a staple of a good seaside town imo.) The Butlins is pretty bleak, though.

Less than £100 for the weekend too. Have my tickets already, have been to the last two (pre and post COVID) and had a great time. Less pressure than ATPs as there’s some missable stuff amongst the good so are running around less to try and catch everything.

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Never been and looking forward to it. Exactly how bleak is the Butlins? I’m in the Wave Hotel with the breakfast/dinner option…

I went last year for the first time and it’s not that bleak. Although I think last year’s was a bit sparse due to covid pullouts. Good fun though!

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A question for anyone that has been before… it sounds like not everything on site is open during these weekends, particularly when they’re in winter. What is open? I’m presuming the pool is at least?

The Primitives way down the line up I’m guessing aren’t the same ones who did Crash

That’s where you’re wrong! (They still play quite often)

The pool was open (I didn’t go) and they had a pool party or two on the schedule from what I remember. We did crazy golf :metal:

Plus the standard amusements, bowling, snooker/pool, etc. are all available. Pretty sure the on-site fairground was closed though.

There is some daytime stuff like film screenings, quizzes, record fairs, Q&As and indie discos in the bar.

If all else fails, Costa del Bognor is only a short walk away…

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Cool, thank you for this! I am a big fan of crazy golf too. :slight_smile:

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It’s going to be a ridiculous weekend.


Looking forward to this now! All my must sees are in the first two days which has worked out well from a childcare point of view.

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OMD and Yard Act seems a bad clash.

Going to Tenerife instead now but sure it’ll be fun

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A few people have said that. I’ve never seen OMD and want to, and have presumably got many more opportunities to see Yard Act in the future.

I went to Tenerife last year by accident incidentally. We were headed to Madeira with my parents and the plane couldn’t land there (a frequent occurrence) so we flew on to Tenerife and had to spend a day and night there. They put us in a beautiful hotel by the beach in one of the less touristy bits and I had a fantastic night. It had never been on my radar before!

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Sunday very much has the vibe of being a wind down day doesn’t it? Some interesting scheduling.

Can’t wait.