Rocket launch thread

Is no one else super excited about this? So cool!
Astronauts are in their seats and doing checks, launch is just after 9:30pm in the UK.
Watch here: NASA Live: Official Stream of NASA TV - YouTube

Where are they headed?

The ISS. Arrive 4:30 pm tomorrow I think, but I’d have to check that.

First manned US launch since 2011!

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Love a good rocket launch! I shall be watching this. :rocket:


the final frontier

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Potentially visible over parts of the UK at 9:40 - 9:50pm

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Why do they have a children’s car seat next to them? Is Elon’s baby coming along?

Should be visible here in South Wales, going to try to get out and see it!

Recent quiz question (dont google)

The ISS takes how long to orbit the earth?

  • 90mins
  • 90hrs
  • 90days

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this is fun

That was nerve-wracking, got it first go though - just got to get to the point where you’re only using the translate controls and can lock out the R/P/Y functions

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The weather is trending the wrong way. I’m on the edge of my seat.


Making me want to watch First Man again


Which direction should I look???

As long as they dont go to that terrifying planet of the apes


Looks like they’ve gone for the old T one fiver zero niner launch scrub there

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Cowards! Push the ignition!

Just get the unnerving feeling that somewhere in the world Elon is having a volcano hollowed out…