🚗🚙 Rocket League Official Thread 🚗🚙

This is a new thread for all Rocket League play, with an eye to the planned cross-platform parties that are coming up.

There are three platforms now able to play against each other in Private Rooms. Xbox One, PC and Switch. Sorry PS4, tell Sony to stop being cunts.

Basically, use this thread to organise matches and games as and when they are available, on either Private Matches (that can be 4x4 matches, with any combination of random players from all platforms) or (for now) single platform party online matches. Or whatever.

The Switch mob have a list of all players who have Switch Online, find it here: http://bit.ly/DiSwitch

Not sure about Steam friends and Xbox Live friends.

Also, we can use this thread for queries, tips, tricks, and general chat about the game and the future updates.

Hope this makes sense and maybe gets used? Who knows.


I am so mince at Rocket League now. Brings out the worst in me online, keep getting drawn into arguments when somebody calls me a n00b. Managed to type ‘are you gonna cry?’ to my teammate after a game the other day. I’m a 31 year old male man.


Haha n00b



Kant_TouchThis in case anyone wants to hit me up on PS4


Right, time for the big question. Are they normal sized rocket cars or little RCVs?

  • Full sized
  • Mini

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I had a running argument with a whiny teammate who was complaining about me despite scoring next to no points in casual once. Lasted 4 or 5 games. In the end the other player, who to that point had been silent, wrote, “PEOPLE LIKE YOU TWO ARE WHAT’S RUINING ROCKET LEAGUE!” and left. I felt bad after that.

He started it though. The twat.


Full sized cars.

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Is that you?

Team-mate: y u suck?
You: alright, captain 30 points…

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I’m gonna post my one youtube upload again seeing as RL has it’s own thread now.


Keep meaning to do some sort of compilation - I have so many saved replays with titles like ‘the overhead kick’, ‘the save’, ‘aerial hero’ that I can’t be arsed to sift through.

I’m quite bad at Rocket League but always up for a game if people fancy one. I’m on PS4 - Broseph46


Why is always the guy in last saying ‘Fuckin n00b team!’ YOU’RE THE PROBLEM HERE, LIPPY!

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Yeah, I have “playing horribly sorry” on auto-complete :joy:

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At least you have a system - I have dozens of saves but no titles. I have no idea what’s remarkable about any of them and I’m not going through them all to find out.

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Will set up ‘are you gonna cry?’ asap.

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That’s a good idea. I need to set up, “too drunk lol.”


I only realised recently that the cars have noticeable differences that affect the way they play. Hit-boxes and turning circles are main ones apparently.

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