Rogue One



someone at work is even more hyped because Kevin Smith said something like the epicness of Darth Vader will make you jizz (!)

I watched the Force Awakens having not seen the last 3 and having no real connection to the real 3 and found it very … cold really. Just seemed to be them going to a new planet and bumping into someone they used to know. C3PO is a massive dweeb too. However, Rogue One has got Felicity Jones in, good to see her talents in Cem Junc finally getting picked up on

anyone excited for Rogue One?


Yes. Me.


It’s shit, sorry


Yeah, looking forward to this one.


It could be good, but it could also be bad.


Trailer makes it look pretty good. I’m sure it will be fine.


I will be seeing it on Sunday, I will probably enjoy it in a nostalgic way.


going to see it on Christmas eve eve.

It will be my THIRD cinema trip of the year. hat-trick!


Seeing it midnight tomorrow


Other than Vader I’m quite glad this isn’t going to be a massive self-referential circle jerk ala The Force Awakens.


You don’t know that. There’ll probably be loads of gratuitous easter eggs.


Would Vader pursue a soft or hard Brexit do you think


Can’t wait for all the ‘Rogue One is just like politics’ hot takes over the next coupe of weeks.


Seeing it on Thursday. Excited!


Jabba the Hutt winking at the camera, that kinda thing?




Hope it’s good, going to see it Friday


Force Awakens was great you killjoys.

Seeing this on Saturday in 2D at the Science Museum Imax. Can’t wait.




Saw it last week due to winning a competition, before you think I was lucky I must tell you I had to watch about 2 hours of Star Wars themed Burlesque before hand and also about 30mins of it halfway through. Now that might sound like a few of you on heres dream night but the ‘prize’ was meant to include a SPECIAL STAR WARS SURPRISE which we took as being a visit from Mark Hamill as it was heavily hinted at on the winning email but Nope it was this never ending SWB