Something like 80%* of us will get these at some point in our lives.

Have you had yours yet?

  • made up figure but I definitely saw a number once.


Yeh mate - built like a tank these days


Enough of your star wars geek bullshit


I am currently using steroid eye drops and topical steroid ointment.

I do not know of any other thing to which you could be referring, as I am a young, virile man with a bottom that is in positively rude health.


i have never had hemorrhoids





no u


Oh, 'rhoids?


I’m a really good shitter, great technique, rarely strain. Think I’m going to be ok.


Oh yeh had them

Just pushed them back up in the bath


Back up in the bath?

Do you mean up the taps or down the plughole?


Up my plughole


Take it the drugs thread! ( I know its a bit late in the thread for this)