Roky Erickson has passed away

Ah shit. R.I.P. great man.

Ah god, RIP. I became obsessed with the sign of the three eyed men box set a few years back. He had some absolutely extraordinary songs.


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ah shit. what a talented dude.

my dad has a habit of playing songs on repeat for hours at a time and I remember as a kid he got obsessed with stand for the fire demon one holiday & played it constantly, which is fine, except the entire fucking song is just him repaeating the title. so that is forever engrained. also the one where he goes “ON ST SWITHINS DAY HE WAS BOOO-ORN” all operatic, quality stuff.


Ridiculous cover of a song of his from two minutes in ;


Sad. He got out of the sixties alive, but like Syd Barrett, the experience left a permanent scar.

I particularly like this track, recorded during his wilderness years, with it’s desperate-sounding plea for peace standing in stark contrast to similarly themed hippie anthems (eg. Get Together) from just a few years earlier:

And of course this, one of the finest examples garage rock, an absolute belter:

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one of my favourite videos, this

One of the few artists I can remember the first time I heard of him and the first track. What they did to him was a disgrace.

What a voice.

Sad news, his voice was just otherworldly. been blasting ‘Rollercoaster’ this morning, love his deranged vocal on it.

Loved him, such a unique talent. Hope he managed to find some peace despite his issues and the appalling way he was treated

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@Funkhouser roky / 13th floor elevators hgatr pls

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I had never heard of Roky erickson till I first went to Austin when a couple of local boys we made friends told me about him and the 13th floor elevators.
This is sad, he was brilliant. I’ll be sure to raise a glass and toast him