Roll call from other boards

So it’s actually been over ten years since I’ve been a regular and active member of an online messageboard, and yet back in the day I was active on multiple boards. (Never DIS though and no real idea why)

I figure some of yall might have been on other boards too.

Anyone from

  • ATNW all things not weezer/weezer boards
  • Atease (Radiohead message boards)
  • Collective Zine?

What was your username?

The Libertines boards
Dirty Pretty Things boards
Dancing Jesus boards


The maccabees boards
The beatles never existed boards


Only one specifically about playing Protection Paladin in World of Warcraft, really.


Coal Talk.


Will the chromatics ever release another record forum

posted on a bradford city messageboard, b3ta and lurked on the nme boards before joining dis

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The Student Room.

Found out the other day that it was made by a Delingpole.

I started out my forum career on the forums at the age of 11. Happy days.


Singletrackworld (bike wankers site)

Omg Dancing Jesus, forgot all about that


Always been a massive lurker until DiS. Have been registered on a few places over the years including:


I had the same username on atease.

Also posted a bit on WATMM but not for a few years.

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Same as most others i suspect??

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I started off on delphiforums about 20 years ago, posting mainly on the PC Gamer and State boards, plus a handful of others hosted on there dedicated to music, politics, film and comics.

I then drifted across to ILM (I love music) and the triforum, before coming to DiS.

F365 is a horrible place but has been responsible for a lot of laughter over the years

That’s a very accurate assessment of the forums. Some awful people and awful behaviour but some of the things posted there still make me laugh today.

The main site now seems to be quite progressive in a lot of ways. Massively in contrast to the old forums.

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Linkin Park Forums
Stenners… I think? I cant remeber

theboredone -

Yayyyy! What era? I was on it from late 2001-2004/5

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