Roll call from other boards

Oh m9 memories. Do you remember all the weird posters like asschun and the rivers correspondence board?

I only lurked on the forum, but for a brief period the top result for my real name on google was on, which made me quite paranoid

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browsed a bit years ago, probably posted a handful of times but no memory of what my username would have been. hated it there tbh

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i was a regular there for a few years

also posted occasionally on a few band forums in the mid to late 00s but they were all awful and obsessive places

Couple of anime newsgroups- was horrified to find an FAQ for one show I put together in about 1998 is still hosted somewhere, with my actual IRL real life name on it

Bunch of band newsgroups too, mostly the Manics one, but also the Placebo one, through which I met some people I’m still in touch with today.

After usenet began to dry up in favour of web forums I ended up here, also used to post a fair bit on the Foreverdelayed Manics boards, despite my interest in the band being properly waning at that point and a lot of the other posters being proper, proper weird.

Use Reddit a fair bit now as well, obvs its a horror show on the whole bit it’s good for my niche interests that DiS doesn’t cover (urban planning, Transformers comics, Cities Skylines), plus Simpsons memes I can steal and post here for :heart: s


grew up on the muse messageboards, god love me

dodgy band but the people were decent

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I used to post on a forum network called Freeola / UKChatForums which despite it’s generic name was actually a bit of a gold mine. Swear it also had a website linked to it called Game A Day where you could literally win a free video game / DVD / any item from Freeserve for writing reviews, funny or informative posts, creative writing, etc. Except it wasn’t a free-for-all, it was quite a tight knit forum, so the chances of winning were very high and most regular posters had won. It also had a leaderboard and database where you could see what people had won for and what they’d chosen for their prize.

Can’t find any record of it on the internet and wondering if I daydreamed half of my adolescence

edit: literally just found it after posting this. had gotten ‘freeola’ confused with ‘freeserve’


Used to post on the Straight Dope Message Board quite a bit but tapered off when they switched to charging a monthly fee and haven’t logged on in over a decade.

Learned my chops on the Biffy boards, quit around about the time Puzzle came out. Occasionally look on Reddit for things I’m interested in but then read some comments and oh no

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Spouted some OPINIONS on WoWarcraft forums for a bit some years ago.

Met my first girlfriend on :smile:


I’ve not played WoW but are you saying there is a forum dedicated entirely to a particular subclass of a particular class in the game?

I was on three DVD forums before DiS, one US and two UK, although it was only two because the first closed down so everyone migrated to the bigger second one. Met people through it but fundamentally they were mostly too negative/centrist for me in their views and there were some really big misanthropes on there.

Now I just have Facebook and here, really.




Oh, apparently not anymore. Can’t believe it’s gone really want 2 run 2 u


I guess the tide of public interest is something a Protection Paladins can’t protect themselves from.


Hope of the States and Redcafe are the only others I’ve used properly. Think I’m permabanned from Redcafe for misattributing quotes to Fergie.

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Hope of the States - wonderful time.

NME boards (98-00)
Popbitch (primarily as a lurker)
and that’s about it.