Rollcall for London ๐ŸŽ„ meetup Saturday 16th December


At the Blue Posts :beers:, W1T 3ET

From about 18:00 or something?

  • I am going to be there
  • Tory option

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depends how tired i am after the football. (getting up early to visit my grandad in hospital)


Gonna organise a video link up with fenino?


Also is anyone else wearing party clothes?


Only gonna be around a couple of hours or so as one of my ATDs is unexpectedly back in the UK (she lives in Berlin).


Ok lets do that!!


Itโ€™s my sisterโ€™s birthday and were going for a fancy lunch earlier in the day so sort of! Also Iโ€™m very far away so would rather get there earlier and leave earlier so Iโ€™m not stranded so will be there earlier!


Will be making an appearance, later on in the evening.


You better believe it!

Jeans, t-shirt and a coat is party clothes, right?


There for a good time, not for a long time (probably earlyish)


I will be there after the football!I


(Around 18:30/19:00!)


Fucking yussss


Hope to pop in, but a family shindig today might prevent it. Hope everyone has fun!


Might pop in after football for a couple of hours. Will see how frozen I am.


Ok yeah my fomo has kicked in so Iโ€™ll pop in for a few hours after the football






Iโ€™m not sure I know what party clothes are


Yasss looking forward to this. Iโ€™m basically just pottering around stuffing my face at a beggie buffet then a couple of museums so reckon Iโ€™ll be there before 6 i reckon. I will be with a non internet person but he is cool and already knows about dis.

Anyone there early just post on here or something.

Will @Ruffers bethere?