Rolling 90's Premier League goal highlights videos that I'll link up and we'll talk about for a few hours or so


Friday Football Thread (ft. Everton - Palace and the worst pun ever)

Do you know who I was thinking about earlier? Kevin Campbell.


Isnt he the top scoring english player in the premier league to not be capped


lovely cultured finish there from your man Claridge


Sounds right, I was speculating on whether or not he was in the 100 club (not quite)


Football is so much better/worse now isn’t it.

Cracking spurs defending for the Wimbledon goal.

Who’s the guy scoring boro’s first? Watching with no sound.


Emerson isn’t it?


That’s the dude yeah. Had forgotten about his existence. Such a typical boro 97-02 player.


They had some fucking brilliant squads


Is this an opening match day? Seem to remember a lot of that which is unusual for me


Nah, think opening weekend of that season was the Beckham halfway line goal against Wimbledon.


unbelievable that was Claridge’s first BPL goal.


Weird, just spent half an hour going through the videos from the old Le Tournoi thread. As such I heartily endorse this thread.


The thought of returning to Middlesbrough rendered his wife bed ridden with depression


this goal celebration


some blooters in that video. I don’t remember that Becks scorcher being on his Youtube compilations, actually.

lovely to see the old graphics again. and the pre-bants style of presenting.


not a bad episode


The top 2 in particular… legend.


Did anyone else used to get those VHS magazine things for their clubs or was it just a £$£$£$£ Utd thing?


proper goal. proper kit. proper celebration.