Rolling a series of tyres down a ski-jump


(Best 6.5 minutes you’ll ever spend.)


Always wondered about ski jumping. Just how do you get into that? There must come a day when they’re just… like… well off you go then ~shove~.

Same as people that can do a full mid-air somersault and land on their feet.

Like NOW I’m ready and I’m definitely not going to break my neck.

@PocketMouse to thread! She loves ski jumping!

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Absolutely loved that. Thanks Theo!


The one where it takes out the side of the inflatable made me snort with laughter.


Yesssssssss! Big fan here. Very much the bonus to splashing out for a year’s Eurosport Player subscription. :skier:

Really enjoyed the F1 tyre being useless for ski jumping. And the speeds displayed for each tyre. And the audible laughter every time they let a tire go.

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Imagine if this was your job.

They pick up quite the speed don’t they? Bloody 'ell. :ferris_wheel:

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Last one has done me :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


I’m sold.

Great video. Almost as good as that high diving one from a few months back!

Rubber, though, is one of the worst films I’ve ever seen. Don’t watch Rubber.

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Brilliant stuff :smiley:

Same with pole vaulting.

Hey Theo, can this be a rolling thread?


@Antpocalypsenow to the thread with the proper gif?

Fucking hell, come on Stephen, you’re better than this mate

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