Rolling afrobeat/afropop/afroshit appreciation thread

let’s face it, afrobeat is pretty damn awesome and therefore, fully deserves its own thread.

afrochat, recommendations, recent scores…all the usual stuff

if you don’t like afrobeat, you don’t like life. or something

please contribute


this is not only beautiful, but also very informative. cheers Tony

you gotta look to the left/you gotta look to the right

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everybody likes afrobeat. best party music around, also best protest music around.

son of Fela kicking ass. The album this is from is really good - fairly short songs by afrobeat standards so more easily digestible than Kuti Sr. Couple of dodgy rap guest appearances but I’ve grown to love them.

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100% my fave

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all these governments
and all these banks
and cor-por-ations
really…break man back

awesome man. love it!

second to none

one of my favourite Fela joints.

home sweet home. lovely stuff

Ah, love a bit of Tony Allen. Can’t listen to that right now because I’m trying to get a three year old to sleep after a two hour nap at day care (I swear we should get a discount for every minute he sleeps there), but I really dug his album Secret Agent from a few years ago.

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Also, what’s your favourite African compilation? There’s so many great ones (no surprise I guess, it’s a big place), but I think this is mine:
Ghana Special: Modern Highlife, Afro-Sounds & Ghanaian Blues 1968-81:

from an album Tony Allen worked on this year. Dunno if it’s strictly afrobeat, tickles the same bit of me though

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amended the heading accordingly. no rules

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this is fucking magic

picked this album up on wax recently. sounded flat as a pancake, so sent it back. keeping my eyes peeled for a first press, but upwards of 70 quid for a VG+ copy. one day…

Cool, I’ll add this then, although we’re getting a bit away from afrobeat:

Such a great album, my favourite of 2014 I think

this is fucking magic, man.

just booked tickets to this incroyable lineup

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