Rolling Ambient/Modern Composition/Drone Thread 2018 Edition


Kyle Bobby Dunn’s new split with Wayne Robert Thomas is six barrels of shimmering guitar drone loveliness.


Gas has a new one out “Rausch”, 2 hours just dove in…


This was fantastic btw. Just curious how did you come about finding this record. Only 2 monthly followers on Spotify, might me and you after hearing it haha. Needless to say, well done sir.


Haha, it was Bandcamp - I owned ARCSECONDS I so it told me there was a new one out. Played it and thought it was fucking quality.


Early impressions for me are that it’s the best thing he’s done. Utterly immersive.


New Timmy H due out on Kranky this year then apparently.

Also reissuing Radio Amor & Haunt Me etc in July.

#187 have a few ambient album reviews planned for the next couple weeks, some really amazing recent releases that I have been enjoying lately. This is the first of the bunch, by an artist I’d never even heard of before receiving the promo for his new album in my email. Amazing stuff that I think most of you would enjoy. Sort of reminds me of Tape Loop Orchestra, though slightly darker


This is a good find - proper monolithic feel to it


Just gonna plug the DiS co-op record label that a few of us have set up here to promote the electronic musicians who frequent these boards. I think there are some sounds that will appeal to the contributors of this thread. True to our DiS roots, it’s called Disintegration State and we’re planning releases by:

You can find everything here:

There is a back-catalogue of existing releases which have been added to the label and we have a steady stream of releases throughout the summer months lined up including an incredible first foray into IDM from Bamnan and an darkly beautiful debut drone release from ColossalHorse.

We’re running the label as a ‘not-for-profit’ - the label’s cut of any sales is going back into promoting the wonderful music of DiSers and producing things like the physical edition of our upcoming sampler (June 15th!!!)

Journeys = IDM / techno
Destinations = ambient / drone

This is absolutely mega. The quality is impeccable and, as a whole, it’s one of the best things I’ve heard this year. There’s also a limited edition double CD we’re producing with gorgeous artwork and a kinda director’s commentary from me (also comes as a PDF with the digital release).

Oh, and all the existing releases are on Spotify as well.

Obvs a massive jag, but it’s music we’re passionate about promoting, so there you go :wink:


Also features two exclusive tracks from DiS legend @BodyInTheThames


this is spectacular work :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Yo - gonna give this some social media push tomorrow, I have a few hundred folks on my Bandcamp mailing list that I can message all at once to - just have to think of how to formulate my mail

Sounding …and looking great all round though :+1:t3:




I :heart: vibraphone


Also me - great shout, this


That’s 1/100 cds for me! Very much looking forward to it and love the art / design!


Amazing, cheers man! :grinning::+1:



#199 The newest in a string of reviews I have been working on for some amazing and lesser known recent ambient releases. “Inspired by science fiction and it’s relation to modern life”, this new release from Zen Zsigo, otherwise known as Cremation Lily, definitely leans towards more lush drone territory and should be right on the money for anyone into early 2000’s guitar/synth driven ambient music, though any specific comparisons elude me for some reason. Beautiful, celestial drones that really take you to a far off place.


stoneinfocus strong contender for 2018 ambient thread MVP over here folks