Rolling Ambient/Modern Composition/Drone Thread 2018 Edition


The Hotel Neon lot in their various guises are probably the best thing in the ambient world right now.


thank you! forgot about dedekind cut. the crossing guard is a stunner of a track.


No worries, it’s a great record. I don’t give it enough time really.

Thanks also to @NeilYoung for reminding me about Anenon’s amazing LP too. I rinsed that at the start of the year, putting that on again now.

@AphexTwinkletoes - I need to give the Hotel Neon lots new stuff a listen too. I’ve only really listened to Remnants. Poor form.


Last year’s Context is astonishing. New one is very very good, but Context is something else.


Go on then. Arbitrary ten:

Dedekind Cut - Tahoe
Gray Acres - S/T
Hotel Neon - Means Of Knowing
Pendant - Make Me Know You Sweet
Rafael Anton Irisarri - Sirimiri & Midnight Colours (the outrageous purple patch this man is in)
SVLBRD - Stratus
Terekke - Improvisational Loops
uon - Untitled
Warmth - Parallels
Zen Zsigo - Winter Orbit

Also been really loving GAS, A Lily, Halftribe, Rhucle, 36, Markus Guentner, V I C I M… we are so absolutely spoiled!

At least 2 or 3 of these are @stoneinfocus recs so once again, thanks for your lovely, lovely blog :slightly_smiling_face:


He really is on an obscene run of form right now.


That Pendant record is killer. I kind of allowed it to pass me by initially but have dug back into it over the past few weeks and it’s ace.

Really need to listen to the Rafael Anton Irisarri record more too because The Shameless Years was top 5 for me last year.


I know right? Of everything he’s released in the last couple of years I think Shameless Years is my fave. Colossal record.


I was the same on Pendant initially actually but yeah, so glad I went back. Beautiful stuff.


Agreed 100%. Every album they have put out for the past 4 years has ended up at the very top of my year end ambient lists, and the recent side projects are of a very similar quality, especially Gray Acres, which holds a very special place in my heart.

Thanks for the shout out @GrandMoffTarkin, nice to see so many titles that I have reviewed on there (I count 7, though I’m sure you knew a few from other sources), and that you have been getting something out of the blog. Your support is appreciated, as usual!


Also, would highly recommend the last batch of releases from Shimmering Moods. Have been listening to these both nonstop for a couple weeks now since they arrived in my email.

lush and pastoral ambient dub-techno from Iran. If you feel like the last 2 Gas records were too drastic a departure from the warm comfort of his previous works, this should do the trick, sounding like some lost “Pop” era work recovered from old hard drives

Quickly becoming one of my favourite ambient records of the year. Blurry and incorporeal drones that sound like smoke filling a room. Highly, highly recommended. Track 2 is godly.


New Markus Guentner has me…puzzled. It consists of like, 90% the most beautiful ambient music I have heard all year…but then there is that one track featuring bvdub which, to my ears, sounds like something you’d hear on youtube when you type in “beautiful ambient piano”. Are my ears broken?! Haha I’m sorry to be such a hater here, I try to keep my music ranting mostly positive but definitely curious if I’m the only one who feels this way :stuck_out_tongue:


And to make up for my curmudgeon-ness here are a few other ambient albums I’ve been digging lately!


I had a really similar thought earlier in the week. The rest of the album is amazing (and have you seen the Vinyl?? Gorgeous) and I love bvdub but it’s a really strange miss, that track.


+1 here. It’s extremely skippable.

The last track is phenomenal though.


Pretty sure if me, you and @stoneinfocus agree on an opinion, then that opinion is gospel.


I’m actually so glad to hear I’m not alone on this haha. I deleted that track after my second listen (something I’m not sure I’ve ever actually done) and enjoy the album so much more now. Mind you, I also tend to dislike just about anything bvdub touches, so I’m going to give Markus Guentner a free pass on this one as he’s never let me down til now. I actually groaned out loud when I saw “featuring bvdub” so I wasn’t too surprised when I heard the actual track


I don’t think we can be friends.


Just listened to this year’s Gray Acres album for the first time. It’s incredible - great call.


Oh wow, that Shaahin Saba Dipole record is right in the sweet spot for me. Lovely lovely stuff.