Rolling Ambient/Modern Composition/Drone Thread 2018 Edition


Not a new recommendation, but just listening to that DJ Python record from last year again and remembering how good it is


My copy of Disintegration State CD has arrived!

Wow. What a gorgeous package (oo er). Such care and attention to detail - clearly an immense labour of love. Haven’t listened yet but I’m sure the content at least matches. Awesome work, everyone involved :slightly_smiling_face:

This new Ital Tek song belongs here.

New album on the way, yesss. @AphexTwinkletoes you ever get into Hollowed?

Fresh Djrum and JK Flesh albums imminent too apparently. Colour me excite!


Yes! New Ital Tek


Cheers dude

I’ve not listened to Ital Tek in a while. I LOVED the first album - played it to death (in the best way) then found the second good in parts but inconsistent. Will give Hollowed and the new song a spin tomorrow!


Hollowed was my AOTY 2016 :wink:


Crikey, that’s a big call.
Always found it weird that there was Ital Tek and plain old Ital who both popped into existence around 2009/10. What’s up with that, eh?


36 Hollowed scrobbles on apparently. Maybe I bounced off it? I’ll revisit in any case!


Haha - no pressure mind!!


Same here.


Still not getting on with this as it turns out. Feels indicative of that period where everyone was trying to sound like Arca and I never got on with that whole aesthetic. Think I need more ‘melody’ with my deconstructed techno.

New one is interesting - got some Vangelis revival feels to the sound palette.


This is gorgeous. Think it’s the sort of thing @stoneinfocus would like


Also, while this is obviously a jag for the label, the recent album by Colin Mawson is full of the loveliest analogue tones - one of the albums of the year for me


Not sure this has been picked up, but Norwich seems to be increasingly a centre for musical excellence (Luke Abbott, Sink Ya Teeth, Let’s Eat Grandma, Electronic Sound magazine), but alongside this, we also have BROADS (with bloody annoying spaces between the letters, presumably to stop you finding holiday destinations on google searches!). I’ve really been enjoying Field Theory:

While it is quite eclectic, it hangs together fairly well (there’s a particularly anachronistic 45s MBV pastiche which would be just lovely expanded by several minutes). There’s also some great stuff on their freely available EPs, particularly a hushed 12 minute collaboration with Norfolk folkster Milly Hirst.


This is relevant to my interests.

Listening to Tiamat now, and it’s hitting my sweet spot. :ok_hand:


I interleaved a bit of their EP stuff to lengthen out what is quite a short album, but I also really enjoyed *OK(Demo), Late Devonian and Our Holiday (the Milly Hirst track). Lovely.


This ‘Climbs’ track is lovely


the new Abul mogard is a proper peach.


Been totally getting in to this and doesn’t sound like the name might suggest, ambient in to retro chilled beats and back, just enough rhythm to sustain a little movement.


Definitely need to listen to this.


Really love the new Alex Zhang Hungtai album, though he’s a real hero of mine so that’s no surprise - somewhat similar to his last Dirty Beaches record but way more intense, all mutilated and edited saxophone recordings. It’s a bit stunning, quite a transcendental experience listening to it, holy music for the totally confused perhaps