Rolling Ambient/Modern Composition/Drone Thread 2018 Edition


Not 100% sure this fits here as it covers so much territory but I’m loving the new Floex & Tom Hodge collaboration A Portrait of John Doe

It has elements of modern classical (they’ve got the whole Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra on there), ambient, IDM and post rock, and whilst it doesn’t all work when it does it’s sublime.

Just been catching up on recommendation here and I’m loving Alex Zhang Hungtai’s and Abul Mogard’s latest efforts. I’m gonna be returning to those a lot.


Oh Floex did an amazing soundtrack for a game called Samarost 3.


I haven’t played any of the Samarost games but Amanita Design are a GBOL - Botanicula is amongst the most delightful things I’ve played.


Hey this was quite nice.


If there are still codes up for grabs, this album is well good


ACR have put out some great stuff over the past few months. Particularly enjoying these three:

Massive layers of processed synth and piano undercut with cello and some other live instrumentation. The more I listen to it the more I think it might end up being one of my album’s of the year.

Fuzzy sketches that swing between noisy electronics and tape-hissed lo-fi keyboard stuff. Great album title obviously.

Really beautiful, soft ambient drones that drift and become untethered by weight.

I think a bunch of their stuff’s on Spotify and that too, but they currently have a 20% off code on their bandcamp. Plus their whole digital discography is just £21.50 if you’re into that.


There’s so much music


That there is. It’s both wonderful and, sometimes, overwhelming.


Finally got around to this and it’s really beautiful. Lovely serene ambient washes and addictive understated bassy rhythms. Great stuff.

Also that Farwarmth record @McGarnagle recommended is a bit of a beauty too. Pleasingly blown out tones that feel like they’re on the verge of disintegrating. Just how I like 'em.


Got Snufmumriko on again now. Been rinsing it the last week or so. That kinda rhythmic ambience where the beats are textural as much as anything is right in my sweet spot.


I am so fucking behind this is insane.


Somehow missed that Abul Mogard had a new one out. Been listening to it this morning, and it’s predictably bloody great isn’t it?


I wouldn’t have known if it wasn’t for @static’s post either. Really, really good stuff. As ever.


Been v quiet on here and lagging behind pretty criminally recently (including Disintegration CD :confused:) as I’ve been away/busy a lot, but managed to listen to the new Pariah once last night and then again this morning, and I’ve got to say, it’s an absolute stunner. Incredibly warm, spacious, psychedelic, lush and richly textured… really loving it.


Feel like I’m drowning in new music this year. Launching the label has kinda thrust me even deeper than before into the world of really small labels, initially through solidarity and then normally discovering some gold which leads to me trawling through back-catalogues.


It’s information overload. Sounds like such an insignificant problem (cause it is really - first world etc) but trying to manage time for the constant stream of new material AND canon/classics is effectively impossible and genuinely quite stressful haha. Everything deserves so much more time and attention than I can give it. Feel like the deeper I dive the wider the ocean gets. Or something.


I keep promising myself I’m gonna stem the tide of new stuff and just spend more time with records I find that I really like rather than trying to listen to everything. I mean you can’t actually listen to everything, right?

Obviously I don’t actually do that though. If anyone does let me know how pls.


Not really clicking with Pariah - dunno why as it feels like it should be right up my street. I think maybe it’s because it’s part Emeralds-style psych electronics (is that a genre?) and part textural ambient, but not really committing to one or the other.


Kate NV’s For is really lovely.

Plinky plonky in a way which reminds me a bit of mid-career-to-date (is that a thing?) OPN.


This is well lovely by Jake Muir.

Getting Biosphere feels from the textures and found sounds. Think I’ll be coming back to this a lot.