Rolling Ambient/Modern Composition/Drone Thread 2018 Edition


I think perhaps you meant “recent”… :grinning:

Actually, no, that would be for mid-to-late career-to-date, which is not what you said. So, yeah, that’s a thing. :thinking:


I would like this to work its way into common parlance


And, y’know, latest one on Disintegration State (disclaimer, it’s me…) is mainly pretty bright relaxed IDM and can probably sit in this thread.


Can vouch for this as a good summer listen - it’s lessened my urge to punch strangers in the throat due to this f’ing heat considerably.



I thought you’d appreciate this picture of a nice jag.




Haven’t given feedback on this yet, it really is great.
Particularly love Lucid Nonsense (which I think a few people have already commented on in other threads) and the closing track, Ends Of Invention, which is an absolute stormer… the type of tune that makes you immediately want to hit play and listen to the whole album again :+1:


:grinning: cheers buddy!
Really love that so many people have commented on Lucid Nonsense, in particular. There’s something reassuring when other people also like the one which is my own favourite!


New Steven Hauschildt out today. Yippie!


any else have some new rec’s? Got a lot of travel coming up and need to keep my ears filled with some nice ambient electronica =)


Jake Muir - Lady’s Mantle
Snufmumriko - Drömboken

Although these aren’t new recs as such. Just my favourites of the last few months.


Good to know the 2018 edition of the Rolling Drone thread is as fucking deadly as ever. I now remember precisely why I was avoiding this…


Anyone here like Roly Porter and Dag Rosenqvist? So good.


Rosenqvist’s Elephant is fucking magnificent. One of the most powerful pieces of music I’ve heard in years, possibly the best wordless interpretation of grief in its many guises I’ve encountered. Also love Roly Porter’s recent solo outings, Life Cycle Of A Massive Star in particular; I feel like Third Law doesn’t quite live up to the sheer power of its opener, 4101.


Listened to Elephant 4 times today. Not even sure why, just felt like I had to.


The savage, inescapable anger-grief of Porcelain giving way to the gentle acceptance of Come Silence (god, that sax) is guaranteed tears for me. It’s almost too much.


I love Dag Rosenqvist. Elephant is a masterpiece. Really liked the album he did with Matthew Collings last year as well.

Haven’t heard Roly Porter though. Sounds like I should.


Very much agree with you on Roly Porter.


Fear of Water from Farwarmth is quality, like the BBC proms orchestra got a lock in at the apocalypse and blew out a bunch of amps.


That’s a fantastic and entirely on point description.