Rolling Ambient/Modern Composition/Drone Thread 2018 Edition


This is good and haunting cello-based modern classical with a bit of percussion and processed vocals.


Really enjoying ‘Themes for Television’ by Johnny Jewel. Really cinematic ambient/electronica/lo-fi. Red Curtains, in particularly, is magic.


This was great, equal parts brutal and beautiful.


This is really nice, on Hammock’s label, he has also put out both Slow Meadow records.


moving towards the darker ambient realm, Chris Russell has a new one out I’m digging at the moment…


A really nice Hotel Neon live album here. Some seriously niche radio station to play this in full!


Love her first album - didn’t seem to get much notice.


Yeah haven’t heard it but gonna check it out


Yep it’s bloody lovely - they’ve become an instant purchase group for me.