Rolling Ambient/Modern Composition/Drone Thread 2018 Edition


Did Forma’s Semblance make it in here from the other thread? If not, it should, because it’s another great sub 45 minute banger.


Don’t think it did, but it did get it’s own (very short) thread! It’s a nice album. Really like the track with woodwind that reminds me of Susumu Yokota.


so much catching up to do. Just got back from some debauchery in dublin. Listened to Biosphere the entire way back on the plane. Time flew by.


If you’re in a biosphere mood then Lady’s Mantle by Jake Muir is essential.


Yes sir heard that prior to heading out based on your rec. Thoroughly enjoyed it.


Particularly enjoying the lush ambiance of the new Poemme record which came out last month…


Picked up Max Richter’s The Blue Notebooks (not the reissue) on a Berwick Street binge yesterday in some rare free time in London. Fantastic (not really listened to any Richter before). Also got Fordlandia, two x Labradford LPs (A Stable Reference / Fixed: Content), the second Faultline album and some Kronos Quartet. All while listening to England playing cricket on TMS. What a day.


That’s a ridiculously good haul!


Thanks - probably the best day I’ve had in second hand stores for a very long time. Bearing in mind that alongside those above I also got: Low - Things We Lost In the Fire, Girls - Album, Ryley Walker - Deafman Glance (2018!), Tinariwen - Amassakoul, Afghan Whigs - In Spades, Swervedriver - Juggernaut Rides (2 disc rarities collection you can’t get on discogs for less than £25), The Best of Talking Heads and the Ocean 11 soundtrack - all that lot was £65 all in (between Music & Video Exchange in Notting Hill and Reckless Records in Berwick Street). Love CDs.


Holy moly. There’s a shitload of obviously ridiculously good stuff but a particular ^5 for the Ryley Walker album - that one seems to get better every time I listen to it.


Really looking forward to giving it a spin, enjoyed Golden Sings! I’m just grateful other people seem to want to get rid of their cds - I get plenty new on release but these sort of second hand days are very rewarding!


I’ll second the love for bargain bin shopping for cd’s. Still listen to them daily. I collect as many as I can to this day for dirt cheap. Have well over 10,000 of them I would guess now, getting a little absurd.


Wow. Where do you keep them all?


Can’t see if this has been posted already, but there’s a new Ian William Craig coming in November, whoop!


Mostly in my music room in the basement but they are now trickling into the spare bedroom. Misses isn’t all that pleased haha.


Haven’t seen Helios’ new one Veriditas mentioned. Really enjoying it. @AphexTwinkletoes shades of Biosphere at points. Opening track is a stunner:


Never really clicked with Helios but will give it a listen :slight_smile:


Helios remains teflon to me. One of those inexplicable blind spots who is loved by people whose tastes otherwise tally very closely with mine. Like North Wind, on the surface, should be right in that Hotel Neon sweet spot but… it just leaves me kinda cold. Dunno, maybe it’s the kinda chords he favours? Weird.


See, much like you, I’d never clicked with his stuff, despite having tried several times - until this one. Dunno, just feeling it right now. Might be something to do with its apparent theme of connection with nature, which is correlating pretty strongly with me at this point. Would’ve been 100% with you about a week ago


Interesting - will give it another spin when I’m in a better mood. Probably wasn’t in the right frame of mind for it this morning. Went straight onto Opeth when I’d finished listening which was more what I was after this morning…