Rolling Ambient/Modern Composition/Drone Thread 2018 Edition


Been on such a lush ambient kick lately that I was looking for some new dark drone-y type stuff. The new Siavash Amini fits the bill…


I love Siavash normally but totally bounced off this one. Found the dynamic range really jarring. Quiet bits are too quiet to hear at regular volume then the loud bits are vibrating the entire street. Might be a good headphone listen I suppose.


One more?

Out on the 28th, completing the 2018 Irisarri trilogy!




The new James Murray over on Home Normal is gorgeous. Starts out kinda haunting then develops into more shimmering lightness.


I’ve won up to four tickets to see GAS at the Jazz Cafe on Wednesday night. This is the description of the event:

We are delighted to welcome Voigt to our stage following his show at the Roundhouse earlier in the year, where he will be playing material from his new record Rausch, set against a backdrop of dark, brooding visuals.

I’m unlikely to be able to make it at such short notice - but I’d be happy to turn the tickets over to someone else. Anyone fancy them?


It’s killing me that I can’t leap at an offer like that. Sounds incredible.


ha, usually those are the type of albums i find hard to listen to on headphones


Lol, I suppose it’s more that headphones are conducive to picking out the really quiet bits at their intended volume rather than needing to bump it up to a level which makes the loud bits too loud.


This is lovely


I would love a couple if they’re still going?


Or even all 4 if I’m being cheeky


I’ve unexpectedly been able to arrange things so that I can actually go out on a weeknight. I’m awaiting a response from one friend, but at the very least there should still be two tickets left. They’re yours if you want them.

The only thing to forewarn you of is that - now that I’ve opened up the attachment and printed the tickets - I’ve realised that all four tickets are on one sheet of paper. We’ll need to go in at the same time.


There’s one ticket left for this if anyone fancies it? Free, of course.