Rolling Ambient/Modern Composition/Drone Thread 2018 Edition


hi! i made a little ambienty post rock thing, and it’s out on Sound In Silence now:


cruising through the Disintegration State releases. Sticking in alphabetical order. Some highlights so far for me were the nice ambiance of Adventsong and the late night club electronica feel of Lowering, Ghost Halo as well.

Shouldn’t be shocked by a bunch of people with great taste in music (as evident from these boards) make great music of their own. Awesome work.


Can confirm this is really lovely. The record title is apt.


Thanks for taking the time and glad you’re enjoying!


Enjoying the latest RA Irisarri release (hesitant to call it an LP as it’s only just over 20 mins). It’s quite serene really. More of an enveloping, drifting mood in the vein of last year’s Leandro Fresco split than something with the anxious weight and scale of, say, The Shameless Years. Enjoy the man’s work whatever mood it’s in, to be honest. Always a rewarding journey.

Also massively looking forward to the William Basinski/Lawrence English split LP out next Friday (short clip here)…


Enjoying the new Thomas Ragsdale release that Aphex mentioned in the new releases thread.

This, the new Irisarri, Grouper, and other albums I can’t immediately think of, are all 20-29 minutes in length. I really like that. Makes for a really tight and efficient listening experience.

If anyone can think of other good stuff this length then please let me know : )


Well, you weren’t wrong @AphexTwinkletoes. This Thomas Ragsdale record is isn’t so much as up my alley as buried beneath my alley, haunting the place. It’s weird as he’s based in Honley which isn’t all that far from where I grew up. My folks used to take me around Hawthorn park a lot as a kid, which I assume the track Hawthorn is named for. It really makes me want to head back up there. North Yorkshire (rightly) gets all the attention in terms of beauty but West and South Yorkshire ain’t half bad when you get out of the towns and cities.

Beautiful and unsettling spectral ambience anyways. I’m going to be listening to this a lot.


It’s amazing, innit. Listened twice this morning. All recorded in a day apparently.

I’ve ordered the physical edition - sounds like it’s gonna be a really nice package. Got a bunch of his physical releases at the Haiku Salut gig and they’re all really lovely.


The physical edition looks amazing but I have no idea what I’d do with a reel-to-reel tape!

One day?! ~Looks at his accumulated hours on Reaper for one ep and weeps~


:grinning: me neither! Future disintegration loops style project?

And yeah, impressive output for that time constraint!


A cursory search suggests reel to reel players aren’t as expensive as I thought they’d be. I’m half tempted to buy one just so I can somehow incorporate into a live show. If an artist turns up with one of those you’ve gotta assume they’re Serious and know what they’re doing, right?


thanks :slight_smile:


via Brian Eno on Twitter today - free streaming and download links to all ten LPs released by his Obscure Records label between 1975-1978 (his Discreet Music is no. 3 in the series…)


This is good


Slept on this - CTM’s Red Dragon from Posh Isolation

Unbelievable. LIYL Jenny Hval, Eartheater, stuff on Posh Isolation


This is real lovely and shimmery over on Shimmering Moods


ooo this is nice…


what are our thoughts on the new basinski english album? Tad disappointed upon first listen


It’s absolutely fine but nothing I haven’t heard before. Felt quite “safe”.


Dangerous levels of awesome in this article