Rolling Ambient/Modern Composition/Drone Thread 2018 Edition


This is pretty immersive and might appeal to many ears in here

I’ve been thinking about a concept for a mix titled “As the city sleeps” for some time. Soundtracking one of my favourite times of day, between 4-5am, the witching hour, when you fall in love, spend time getting to know the things about your friends you never knew and when towns and cities feel like your own.
When I was asked to contribute an hour of music to the inaugural “Monolithic Installation" (more info below), an immersive light installation in Bristol at Motion this summer it was the perfect catalyst to finally record the mix. I have gone back in and worked on it since and am happy to share it with you now.

“As featured in the Monolithic Installation, 5,376 suspended LEDs, an immersive light installation at Motion Bristol’s recent day party by Squid Soup & Ben Price, hear the other mixes here and look out for it on the road this year”

it’s download enabled too - a really good headphone commute


Not listened to this yet, but have been highly recommended this by my mate who runs the Monolith Cocktail blog.

One of the guys from Yndi Halda, released by a Greek Label.


12k has a sale on the Shuttle358 stuff! well worth a delve if you are not familiar. Frame is my favourite as i have probably mentioned loads but i also enjoy understanding wildlife and can you prove i was born. Pretty excited for the new one.

the shuttle358 back-catalogue sale. 50% off….

and FIELD is pre-order now

— 12k (@12k_label) January 16, 2018


This thread seems an appropriate place as any to mention that after a couple of years’ break, we’re putting on a gig in London again!

It’s the excellent Fieldhead, Shape Worship and D.Glare at Paper Dress Vintage on the 22nd February.

There’s info and links and stuff here

and here:

And if you can’t make the gig, Fieldhead are going on a little tour and are well worth checking out if they’re playing near you:


Happy New Year to the best thread on the boards.

Very excited to see that Brian Leeds (previously Huerco S, now Pendant) has a new album out tomorrow!

Limited Vinyl from Boomkat (, really looking forward to hearing this!


This is up on bandcamp now…


He posted up the tracklist for this the other day btw.

It’s a great hour of listening & I’m pretty chuffed to be in the same mix as Steve Reich, Sun Ra, Mark Hollis, Mark Pritchard, Arthur Russell, OPN, Radiohead, Luke Abbott, Demdike Stare & Cluster

Edit: no idea why that posted as a reply to wonton

Damn phones - should be under the midland mix


I have to say I am REALLY enjoying this. Really propulsive in places, serene in others and with nice continuity through the use of vocal samples throughout. Thanks for posting it!


And it’s even got Meeting In The Aisle by the Radiothreads on it! Something for every bedwetter!


My pleasure, believe me :slight_smile: