Rolling Ambient/Modern Composition/Drone Thread 2018 Edition


Awesome indeed. Love when ambient artists do live shows in churches. Hopefully they record the experience.


Biosphere has reissued Polar Sequences - unfortunately postage to Europe (via bandcamp) is pretty high. Haven’t heard that one and didn’t think it was on Spotify but just found it so going to give that a listen.

Any views?


This on The Quietus today. Thought it was an interesting article but all the while I was thinking there’s a simple solution: don’t listen to spotify playlists.


Huh, I listened to this yesterday evening by coincidence. It’s an all-time classic. The other HIA collab, Birmingham Frequencies is pretty good too but doesn’t quite hit the same heights.


I’ve been wondering what became of @stoneinfocus. No posts in here or on their blog since June :confused: would be a real shame to never hear from them again - I thought the blog was such a lovely, thoughtful labour of love, and input itt was awesome. Hope everything is ok!


Yeah, miss that guy


For those of you who loved Colin Mawson’s Moons of Jupiter, I’ve done a reinterpretation (‘remix’ doesn’t feel quite right) of the tracks in an attempt to do something similar to Biosphere’s Shenzhou.


Also a new Ian William Craig out today! :grinning:


Yep, it’s definitely nothing new, but then I’m very partial to gently evolving drone with churny undercurrents, so all fine by me.


What does everyone think of the new Hotel Neon, I actually prefer it to Means of Knowing


It’s great - those guys can seemingly do no wrong


Oh, shit! Lovely.


Incredible, innit?


I thought I was burnt out on IWC but that new one is so good!


We should do an ambient album of the year thread list thing, I wouldn’t mind running it!


It’s Jake Muir btw :wink:


As in we all pick our favorite album of the year and then put it in a thread, or we all list a bunch of ambient albums we enjoyed this year?


like each come up with a top ten list was more of what I was getting at…


Yeah everyone can do a top 5 and I’ll add it all up! :slight_smile:


well I’ll get it fired up then. Five I thoroughly enjoyed this year in order:

  1. Warmth- Parallel
  2. Dedekind Cut-Tahoe
  3. 36- Circuit Bloom
  4. C. Diab- Exit Rumination
  5. Gray Acres- Self Titled

Plenty of others…without a doubt looking forward to some others lists and albums I may have missed.