Rolling Ambient/Modern Composition/Drone Thread 2018 Edition


Shall we just do it in here or start a separate thread?


Do it here imo. I’ve already caused enough hassle with the similarly named listening club thread


Okay great. We’ll say 5 points for No.1, 4 points for No. 2 etc. Same rules as the monthly polls and the end of year one basically. :smiley:

I’ll do mine then, was hard choosing been such a good year:

  1. Warmth - Parallel
  2. James Murray - Falling Backwards
  3. Poemme - Moments in Golden Light
  4. Gray Acres - Grey Acres
  5. Emily A. Sprauge - Mount Vision


So bloody inconsiderate :wink:


Anyone who’s not heard Dialect’s album recommended by @tattybye in the ‘nominate an album…’ thread should really give it a listen - very much what I wish yer man Hecker was up to these days. You really should give it a go. Warmth is next on my ‘to do list’:


Listened to this at the time I think but didn’t return to it for whatever reason. Pretty good and merits a few more plays.


I like it. Warmth (on first listen) is so SAW II that I almost wonder about just listening to that instead. Giving your Hotel Neon a go now, for some reason I’ve never listened to any of theirs, even though you’ve plugged them several times…


I’d recommend Context from last year most highly but it’s all lovely.

Also finding warmth fine but lacks a certain something to really draw me in.


Discovered a couple of good things in the last few days:

Lunae Semita by Araceae
Excellent bilowy, ambient techno in the GAS/Field vein:

Mountains So High by Faru
Shimmering, hovering, ambient-drone:

Found both artists through stumbling onto this compilation:

Lots more to dig into there as well.


Got Araceae on now - proper Silent Season dubby vibes going on :heart_eyes:


It’s pretty ace! Listened to it about 5 times in the past 2 days.


Yeah this is special.


Will you lot stop finding new albums to listen to in mid November. You’re making end of year picks difficult!




Bibio’s put out a couple more of his Phantom Brickworks. Got so much time for the whole project.


Listening to Acaceae, while I appreciate it is great, it is so close to Gas it is practically pastiche.


Yep. I’m a massive sucker for that sound so whilst it’s ahem heavily influenced by GAS, I’m also OK with that.


Yeah, it’s funny isn’t what you can let lie if you can get your fix. I don’t get too upset about people aping HIUV Hecker for example.



I wonder if I’m more forgiving of ambient/experimental/whatever music being clearly indebted to other things I like than I am with song-based stuff. After all, there’s no lyrics and structure and chord progressions go out the window, so it becomes more of an indefinable emotional connection with a palette of tones and sounds. :nerd_face:

Get that right for me, and I’m on board.


I think it can apply to other textured music too. Shoegaze has a fairly specific set of palettes, and I’m generally a sucker for a bit of whammy barred feedback!