Rolling Ambient/Modern Composition/Drone Thread 2018 Edition


Not sure if it exactly fits into this thread but seemed the most suitable one for it:

I’ve really been enjoying the Kelly Moran record ‘Ultraviolet’ this past week or so. Think it’ll be a nice one to play on winter walks this Christmas:


Thanks SOOOO much for the tip on this one @funkycow

Already an AOTY contender and I only got hold of it yesterday. Exactly my kind of thing…



Well credit to @tattybye where it is due!


Hey @McGarnagle, somehow I’d missed your latest Lowering work, lovely Alternative Intelligence vibe going on here. Yet another album to rinse between now and deciding my end of year list (loved Post Truth Politics incidentally)…


Thanks pal! X


This is always my favourite thread on DiS (sorry everyone else). Haven’t had as much time to go through everything this but year so which picks do you think I really must add to this playlist before I promote it on DiS?


Jake Muir is maybe my ambient album of the year.

Just been skimming through my fave ambient albums of 2018 and they’re all on Shimmering Moods who are not on spotify.

Gonna shamelessly jag - I reinterpreted Colin Mawson’s Moons of Jupiter recently which features some processed piano ambience.

I see you’ve got some Thomas Ragsdale already, but his latest LP, Honley Civic Archives, is also wonderful.


Just seen this has the non-DiS Lowering but not @McGarnagle - ooft :wink:




Acaceae is to GAS what Tycho is to Boards Of Canada. It’s so heavily indebted it is beyond pastiche, it is lovingly recreated to the point of forgery.


I would add this by James Murray

and a bit of Emily A. Sprauge

I’m looking forward to your to 5 of the year Sean!


Warmth- Parallel


Just re-listened to A Winged Victory for the Sullen’s “Atomos” for the first time in awhile. Holy smokes what a disc!


Sarah Davachi (Gave In Rest album)

Rafael Anton Irisarri (Sirimiri or El Ferrocarril Desvaneciente)

Hotel Neon (Means Of Knowing or Inward)
V I C I M (Convenience)
uon - Untitled

Bibio - Phantom Brickworks IV & V


Still really enjoying this one having forgotten about it earlier this year.


Yup, competing with Sarah Davachi for my AOTY. I find myself going back to this more than Sirimiri, which is also pretty exceptional too.


That rumbling bass in “Every Scene Fades” is awesome. Better give Sarah Davachi a listen.

As an aside, it’s a funny year when a Tim Hecker release doesn’t make it into my top 5 ambient albums of the year!


Don’t think they’ve been mentioned yet so will add in:
Christina Vantzou - No.4
Caterina Barbieri - Born Again in the Voltage.

Edit - those are a couple of my faves of the year to add to others already mentioned like Sarah Davachi.


I’d go to ‘Let Night Come On Bells End the Day’ before ‘Gave In Rest’ from her two releases this year, but both are well worth your time.

I’m really loving Konoyo, but not sure I’ll pop it into my ambient thread big five. Hecker’s Barbican gig a few months back was incredible :raised_hands:


Really enjoying new Olsen LP “Dream Operator” - ambient house all swirly and hazy, tape hiss, warm bass and the odd little squiggle of acid thrown in… FFO Terekke, Khotin, Matt Karmil etc.