Rolling Ambient/Modern Composition/Drone Thread 2018 Edition


That ffo has sold it to me


2 tracks in and I love it!


Black Dog Serenade is especially good


Really tempted to do some end of the year listing but trying to hold out for some stuff including Cortini and English on the 30th and Hammock on the 7th, both sounding good


Analogue synth drone master KGD has released a new album this evening:

I saw him supporting GY!BE last year and fell in love instantly; his album “Solo Suite For Oscillators” is the reason I bought myself an ancient but excellent quality (and cheap on eBay!) tape deck for my stereo and have subsequently started buying cassettes again :wink:

Elsewhere, label-wise I’m really loving Constellation Tatsu - I saw one of their releases reviewed by the Quietus, and all four of their “Summer 2018” cassette collection proved fantastic listening. The “Fall 2018” collection is in the mail now :slight_smile:


Pleasantly surprised by this Lapalux release. Ruinism from last year was great, but a far cry from this sort of haunting, fragile ambience. Shades of recent Bibio but with a slightly more choral feel. Impressed!


Link doesn’t seem to have worked -


and KGD has just banged out another 3 albums for our perusal, all available at the same link :open_mouth:

(I promise I’m not an affiliated associate, just a big fan :slight_smile: )


New 36 EP is some beautiful Sunday morning ambiance.


Thanks @static for the heads up on these two.

Alessandro Cortini + Lawrence English is out now, and after one listen it’s sounding very good indeed!


Anyone point me to some (relatively) new Drone please. Some late night/early morning hazy shimmery gorgeous kinda stuff. Has to be available on Vinyl though as i like playing records late at night when wife and kids are asleep and the ambient stuff won’t wake anyone up.


Only found out about Black Soma a month or so ago, and that was phenomenal. Going to spend a fair bit of time with this.


Check out Witxes album Orients from earlier this year. Spent many a late night listening to that one. Not sure about the Vinyl release though…


Stumbled upon this article in scouring the net for ambient/drone-ish-ness. Some solid recs on here, currently loving the Inner River record. Lots to dive into…


Please excuse the rambling on of posts here but Im in a listening zone and thought I’d plug the Kasper Bjorke Quartet release mentioned in the previous closer listen article. This was the tits.

I little long of an undertaking at 11 songs over 2 hours, but starts off with some beautiful modern composition with searing violin work over textured soundscapes. Only to go into darker drone territory towards the middle, to come back out to close with some piano laden ambient electronica. Very nice stuff and yet another artist who’s discography I’m going to lose sleep over if I don’t re-visit it all. Add it to the ever growing list :grimacing:


Well I’m sold. That sounds excellent.


Yeah definitely, think you’d enjoy it. After hearing your Veins Full of Static release, think this might be right up your alley. Discovering a bunch of new stuff I hadnt never heard through that article to be honest.


I took one look at that article and felt a bit of vertigo at how much undoubtedly good stuff they were recommending. This sounds absolutely up my alley though so I’ll be checking it out soon :+1:


The Heilani LP Iridescent recommended in that ACL article is really lovely stuff. Along similar lines to the Pariah album from this year, which I keep coming back to.


discovered the last track on that kasper bjorke record on a youtube recommendation last week where someone was riffing on songs in a similar vein to Nils Frahm’s ‘Says’… twas lush