Rolling Ambient/Modern Composition/Drone Thread 2018 Edition




saw this earlier (oto mailing list?) and it looks PENG


One of my favourite ambient rekkids is getting reissued :slight_smile:


Hammock’s newest might be ambient album of the year. Its that good.


Didn’t massively feel this on first listen. Then again, I prefer shoegazey/post-rocky Hammock to ambient Hammock so that’s not entirely surprising. Glad you’re feeling it :slight_smile:


Ambient confession time: Hammock really don’t do much for me at all.


Did you listen to Everything and Nothing by them? Was my aoty in 2016. Not ambient for the most part.


Not sure… I think I gave it a listen at the time but if I did it didn’t stick.

I’ve gone back to them every now and again to see if there’s something I’m missing but… :man_shrugging:

It always sounds so polished and clean and “pleasant”. Think I just like a bit more grit and dirt my ambience.


I love the lushness of my ambiance and I felt like I was floating on a cloud, thought it was brilliant. A slight deviation from previous records but the lighter airiness drove me right in.


I love the idea of this being a regular series.

THIS WEEK ON AMBIENT CONFESSION TIME : I really like that Nils Frahm lp that lots of people on here are a bit sniffy about.


:grimacing: too far, buddy. Too far…


I knew it would be you that would ambient-shame me about that.




:rofl: that is definitely a thing.


Like background radiation.


Lowering’s next album title.


That’s tempting.


Frahm isn’t really ambient at all, though. Arnalds is a bit more on the ambient side, but I’d classify both as Neo/Modern Classical more than anything else.


Even within my ambient - shaming, I have been ambient - shamed.


Yeah this is bang on. The last track in particular is glorious.