Rolling Ambient/Modern Composition/Drone Thread 2018 Edition


That’s probably fair, especially with the sheer volume of stuff he releases. I spent most of today going through his recent stuff and for the most part I’d have done just as well to have left Far from the Atmosphere on repeat.

Reliably pretty. Just very unadventurous.


Many years ago I had his Ghostly Garden set up as my iPod alarm every morning to ease me into the day.


I like that idea but whenever I’ve done it I’ve very quickly grown to hate whatever song I’ve used.




Off to see Nadja tonight at the Pickle Factory. I think it’s been about five years since I saw them last.

Anyone else going?

Then it’s Fieldhead/Shape Worship/D. Glare gig that we’re putting on at Paper Dress Vintage.

Should be a good one.


I’ve been listening to a bunch of his stuff again since he passed. Orphee completely passed me by at the time for some reason - listening to it now it really is gorgeous.

Fordlandia is probably my favourite of his, purely because I remember climbing a hill and sitting on a stone bench outside the little chapel in St Ives at sunset and listening to it. One of those great, ‘everything is kinda beautiful really’ moments.


Just stumbled across this - proper good ambient techno and feels like it may become a staple 2018 album for me


Hey everyone. I’ve been following these rolling threads for a few years now pretty regularly, and while I hugely appreciate I’ll the awesome music I have discovered through here, I admittedly have never even thought to make an account til now. Anyways, hope this is ok, but just wanted to make my first post by sharing my new music blog with you guys, which focuses on experimental music in it’s many, including a good deal of ambient/drone music. I’ve already reviewed a few recent ambient albums that you folks might enjoy, including the new Andrew Tasselmyer, Giuseppe Falivene, ProtoU, and a couple more.

Anyways, here it is. Hope you enjoy!


Wow, clearly I should have used spell check before posting that! I can’t even figure out how to delete it being the noob that I am so I guess my first post here is a total bust haha. I assure you I am a better writer when it comes to my actual blog (at least I’d hope so!)


we (the ol’ satan boys) put out a record on our little label today, which might be of interest. It’s by Capac, and it’s a really beautiful ambient drone record:


I think the tape of this originally came out last year, but I’ve only just discovered it. Really lovely half-buried, drifting, experimental-ambient excursions.


Takes deep breath
I’ve been dusting off some old tracks and have done an album which you lot may or may not like. It’s a mix of heavy Tim Hecker inspired drone and some lighter moments. Any thoughts or feedback are welcome - might plonk it on bandcamp at some point.

If you want just one track as a taster, I’d recommend this:


Yes! Will give this a listen as soon as I get the chance today/tomorrow. Looking forward to it :+1:


New Rafael Anton Irisarri album on Geographic North, sounds good after one listen…


Omg yes!


This is superb!


So, listened to this a couple of times now and I really like it.

‘Excession’ is a powerful way to open things up - sounds like God’s own speakers have blown out.

Reckon the ‘The Wind Up Bird’ and ‘High Towers And Deep Wells’ are my favourite tracks after the first couple of listens. They both have those moments that ride the balance between intensely challenging and strangely comforting that I really like in quality drone stuff. Like being dunked in frozen water then wrapped in a warm blanket. Or something. Really good sense of space and dynamics in both of them too.

I also like that there’s a feeling of movement across the whole album as it gradually becomes more calming and gentle before ‘Two Weeks’ gives you a nice little hug on the way out.

Thumbs up!


This has made my week :slight_smile: Obviously I’m glad on a base level that someone else likes it but also your comments on the movement across the album are exactly what I wanted to achieve.
Glad Excession lands as an opener too. I ummed and aahed a lot over that before deciding that starting with a massive blast of noise was the right thing to do.


My pleasure! Yeah, definitely a risk going with the most intense track out of the gates but I think it pays off here as it immediately grabs the attention and then helps establish the structure of the record as you go through. Assuming it’s named for the Iain M. Banks novel too, which immediately warmed me to it as well :wink:

As a nerd, can I ask what the setup/gear you use is? Hardware, digital, mix of both?


Yes! It’s a mix of Murakami, Banks, and a couple of more personal titles.
It’s entirely digital - I use FL Studio with a bunch of synth plug-ins plus a USB keyboard for messing around with melodies. So not the most advanced setup but I like how easy FL is to pick up and play with as someone time-constrained.