Rolling Ambient/Modern Composition/Drone Thread 2018 Edition


You’ve managed to wrangle some pretty impressive sounds out of a basic set-up then! Kudos!


Been wrangling with FL this week. Looking forward to giving your album a listen!


Ace :slight_smile:
Working on a more beat-oriented album as well. Stay tuned!


I like this a lot and would be quite happy with a bandcamp release so it can easily be listened too!

It pushes a lot of the right buttons for me, I’m a big fan of the blown out fuzzy static ambient sound, works well here placed alongside much calmer moments.

Well done, be proud!


Thanks! Yeah think I’m going to stick it up today - will link when I do.


Right, I’ve put this on bandcamp - it’s name your price but to be honest I’ll just be happy if folks are downloading and enjoying it :slight_smile:


My podcast is back.


Soundtracking my breakfast as I type.

That cover image of the wind turbines is :ok_hand:



I’d contemplated Serenity as my first listening club pick - he’s one of my absolute faves.


Anyone been listening to David August’s new one? He’s done a Bibio and gone ambient.

It’s one continuous piece but there’s this sort of restless, collage approach. Feels a bit like jumping through portals with Rick & Morty. Enjoying it.


I’ve not. Forgot about that Bibio record though. Thanks for the reminder as I recall it being excellent!


Such a brilliant record! That theme of abandoned places holding certain atmospheres really resonated with me. Love this video and quote in the description.


Righto folks, I’m up tonight. Do you want it nowish or tomorrow morning. Anybody working late will probably enjoy this one (I hope!)…


Wrong thread!




Surely we can get a name change somehow?!


Right post for right thread this time…

I don’t know how much paper media you all read these days, but I’ve really been enjoying Electronic Sound magazine, which is a beautifully presented Norwich-based (close to home) music magazine which fits the content of this thread very well. It’s very nicely put together, they have limited edition 7"s sold alongside each issue and they pick really good artists for the main articles. It has a delicious matt finish and someone who obviously likes clean and minimal layout. Worth a punt:

PS, I have nothing to do with the magazine at all (other than regional loyalty!), but thought it might be of interest.


Colour me interested


hey modern classical folks. can anyone recommend music that’s similar or lives in a similar world to Kreng’s L’autopsie de whatever etc? i guess something that mixes modern classical with sound manipulation/fields recordings. kind of library tapes as well.


First thing my mind went to was Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto’s various collaborations.

Murcof maybe?

Bersarin Quartett might be in the right sort of area, although they have a slightly less avant-garde feel than this Kreng.