Rolling Ambient/Modern Composition/Drone Thread 2018 Edition


nice. thanks man, will check these! feel like i should really like ryuichi sakamoto but have never found the one that just made me go ooooh.


I don’t love his solo releases, but his work with Alva Noto is sublime. My favourite of theirs is Insen but figured Vrioon was more what you were after here.


Don’t recall if this has already been covered somewhere but just read about another Eno/Shields collaboration for the forthcoming record store day (having not heard about the first and being a strong MBV follower). It really struck me that the first one is very reminiscent of Yellow Swans’ Going Places (a favourite of mine).

I believe they’re both going to be on a double A side, which sounds like a bargain to me!


Just put out my last album of dusted-off and re-worked tracks.

This one is inspired by Richard Skelton, Biosphere, Susumu Yokota, and SOTL. Lots of stringed instruments. I hope you enjoy.


I’ll definitely check this out and get back to you on my thoughts. From reading alot of your posts on the ambient boards over the years, you have a very keen sense of great taste. I’m sure this will be right up my alley. Looking forward to hearing it… stay tuned.


Thanks :slight_smile: I look forward to your thoughts!


Wrong thread doofus


Alright? I’m gonna do a JAG.

I put out a new drone/ambient record on Friday last week. It’s called The Function of Loss and it’s available on shiny blue cassette (mmm… redundant format) and download from bandcamp, or streaming from Spotify/Apple Music/Tidal and all that.


Oh man, I loved the Brexit album.


This is incredible


:heart_eyes: Ah thanks pal! You’re too kind!


Posted in the Friday release thread the other week but guess it belongs here too. Variation by Joseph Quimby Jr. Really enjoying this record.


Had this on the commute last night, really enjoyed it. Perfect twilight travelling music! Very good.


Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

Coincidentally, I was listening to the Freddie Quell EP yesterday evening and it’s really bloody good. Proper scratches that Jehu/Hot Snakes itch. :+1:


That’s a great compliment to have man, thanks! Glad you dig it.


Some good stuff up for release over the coming months


Winged Victory for the Sullen have a new track, for RSD18.


Per this week’s release thread, I’d highly recommend Alva Noto’s latest Unieqav. It’s one of the more accessible solo albums he’s put out - brooding IDM/techno with his trademark crisp pulsing rhythms.


I’ve been loving this too. The beats feel so precise.


Listening to @sheeldz latest transmissions. BoC’s Alpha and Omega is just bafflingly good, innit.