Rolling Ambient/Modern Composition/Drone Thread 2018 Edition


Also :blush:
And also, you should all check out the Lowering album if you haven’t already


Absolutely. Feels like every sound has been individually placed with tweezers. He’s a proper once-in-a-generation artist. Crazy the span of genres he’s mastered even without his myriad collaborations.


Posted this in the other thread and got told off because all these threads are confusing but this new Dialect record on Forest Swords’ new label sounds promising. Supposedly out on Friday but the whole thing’s up on Bandcamp, it’s great. Like restless ambient with bits of Tim Hecker-y distortion or something. Reminds me a bit of Visionist.


Hey ATT, enjoyed Ethics Gradient very much – great that you can both write and record ambient / drone records. You’ve inspired me to have a go, so when I’ve an EP’s worth, I’ll run it by you! Excession is a great ominous start, particularly enjoy it when the distortion really kicks in at 2 mins or so. The Wind-Up Bird is probably my favourite on there – really full sound with a simple but attractive melody (I think it would fit seamlessly into any of the more optimistic Jefre Cantu-Ledesma or Lawrence English albums). Red Skies is my next favourite, and it has an enjoyable warmth to it. I can see how you’ve built loop based tracks (e.g. on You’re Not Here) but it’s no less effective for it. Two Weeks calmly closes the album out. Nice work!


Thank you! As always, really appreciate you and others taking a chance and donating your ears’ precious time :slight_smile:

The Wind-Up Bird is actually one of the first tracks I started working on (back in 2009!) when its working title was Eerie Melody. I realised slightly later on reflection that it was quite insipid so threw it through loads of overdrive distortion and suddenly it started sounding like passable drone :smiley:

Think you mentioned you were using FL Studio as well? It certainly lends itself to loop-based composition (or maybe that’s my complete lack of hardware…) in my experience. Will be interested to see how you get on and also excited to hear what you produce!

I’ve started working on some more early-Autechre inspired glitchy IDM recently which I think will be my next album at some point. The Sleeper Service EP has a couple of tracks which will likely feature and below is a snippet of my current project…


Ooh… I like the sound of this!


Not seen this mentioned ITT - Terekke losing the beats altogether and distilling all the blissful ambience of his Plant Age LP into this understated gem, this time over on Music From Memory. Really serene, billowing, gently phasing loveliness.

@AphexTwinkletoes I know you loved Plant Age… Ever get around to this?


Y’know what? I listened to it yesterday for the first time! It is indeed lovely and I will be listening to both albums a lot this year.


Hi guys,
I would love to get some feedback on my track;
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Very excited to hear the new Sarah Davachi, loved her record from last year:

First track released so far is sounding really lovely too:


I listened to that album again last week. It’s so good. Looking forward to this.


Plus it being on Sean McCann’s Recital label only adds to my anticipation!


There’s a new track by Slow Meadow out.


Nice one to whoever recommended this Dialect record on Forest Swords’ label first (edit: cheers @permanenthandle), it’s reet good. Can’t quite put my finger on what it sounds like really but it’s an ace listen.


Certainly enjoyed this quite a bit, you have great ambient talent. Keep up the good work! Especially enjoyed “For Susumo” with its subtle string undertones. Songs also had a little bit of a darker element I gathered which is right up my alley, as I really enjoy the darker side of ambient.


Awww thank you :blush:
For Susumu is one of my favourite things I’ve done.


Not sure if any of you have heard the new album by Gray Acres (side project of the brothers behind Hotel Neon), but it is my favourite ambient album of the year so far, which is no surprise really, considering Hotel Neon has topped my list 3 years in a row. Anyways, I set out to write a review for their album on my blog and instead ending up writing a sort of reflection on death/grief/guilt and how I’ve processed these things through writing, and ambient music, and especially through the aforementioned Gray Acres album. I am a bit nervous about posting this but hopefully it’ll reach the right person at the right time, and maybe help them as much as writing it helped me. Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

#118 lol and of course I forgot to post the link :stuck_out_tongue:


Love Hotel Neon and this sounds like an interesting read. Will check it out.


Ooo new Shall Remain Nameless. Their debut last year was incredible.