Rolling Ambient/Modern Composition/Drone Thread 2018 Edition


Really enjoyed the one “Tahoe” from Dedekind Cut. Lush ambiance at its finest.


Missed this recommendation at the time, but it came up on one of the Bandcamp ambient lists and I can confirm it’s very very good.

Electronic / IDM / Ambient / Drone listening club

New Shall Remain Nameless is great btw - much darker and more haunting than last year’s release, but really good. Would recommend starting with the debut for the uninitiated, but a really exciting artist based on these two releases.

Not to clog up this thread, but I put out an album yesterday which I think some of you would like. It’s inspired by early-mid 90s Autechre and I’m really pleased with it. Yer man McGarnagle done the mastering and it sounds mint.


New Jon Hassell album coming out June 8th. First album since 2009’s “Last Night the Moon Came Dropping Its Clothes in the Street”. Yes please! New single dr


whoops got cut off there. Meant to say new single “dreaming” up on spotify now.


March was a great month, enjoying dedekind cut and gray acres and (its more electronic but has touches of ambient) Nanook of the North, but a couple that I don’t think have been mentioned yet that i’m loving are…

Carlos Suero and Pepo Galan (ambient drone with some lovely electronic touches)


C Diab - Exit Rumination (ambient modern classical)


Anyone like Christina Vantzou? New album out today. No.4


Really liking this C. Diab album on first listen. I could listen to hazy sombre trumpet all day. And I love that Nanook of the North record.


This really is very good. Parts of it remind me of Stars of the Lid. Just discovered she’s married to Adam Wiltzie.


That Carlos Suero and Pepo Galan album is really good. Listening now. Great rec.


“I put out an album yesterday” evergreen post haha


Enjoying the Eliane Radigue choice from this week. Sounds like a Mars Rover trolling through space trying to pick up some alien radio frequency. And I mean that in nothing but a good way haha.


dammit wrong thread… I need coffee


I did a little quarter-year roundup of some of my favourite records of 2018 so far, many of which are by ambient/drone artists, including Angelo Harmsworth, Byron Westbrook, Celer + Forest Management, Ugasanie, and David Terry. Hope you guys find something ya like on there :slight_smile:


Haven’t checked out your blog yet - sure it’s great - but have given it a like purely on the name!


This is the loveliest shimmery warm drone


Well, those are all the magic words for me. Diving in immediately.


An album of disorienting and constantly evolving long-form techno that unfolds patiently over the course of an hour like a slowly growing dust storm. Bringing to mind Ricardo Villalobos at his loosest and most improvisational, the music breathes circularly and sweeps up all matter, both synthetic and organic, in a twisting maelstrom of intricate rhythms and ghostly, half heard counter rhythms that create the sort of impossible patterns that can only be revealed through chance and constant variation, like watching a supercomputer cycle through an infinite number of mathematical sequences and potential equations.

Well colour me interested!

This is nice writing - gonna go through this list


Ah this is good stuff. Reckon @GrandMoffTarkin would enjoy it.