Rolling Ambient/Modern Composition/Drone Thread 2018 Edition




Feel free to stop me if I’m posting about my blog on here too much, but here’s the latest review, this time for the newest collab album between Ant’lrd and Benoit Pioulard, out in June.

Thanks for all the support thus far, everyone! I really appreciate it :slight_smile:


Have enjoyed reading your blog very much :slight_smile: your passion comes through strongly in your writing. Picked up a couple of great recs from your quarterly roundup! So thanks!


That is incredibly kind of you to say! It can be a bit of a thankless task alot of the time, so I really appreciate it when I find out others are enjoying it. This little community has really motivated to keep me going with this endeavour :slight_smile:


Been loving this one lately as well



It’s what I’m looking for in music reviews really. The Milk Factory used to do it really well and it’s what I’ve loved for many years about Headphone Commute.


Right on, that’s great to hear that the passion is translating. I’m trying to keep the posting to only once a week or so, mainly as a way to stay passionate and excited and not make it feel like a thing I HAVE to do all the time. I figure focusing on a few good albums a month that I can really care about is better than a daily half assed review :stuck_out_tongue:


Just had a quick skim of your best of 2018 so far and am very hyped to listen to a few of those I’d never even heard of (especially this Sorrow one on Opal Tapes). I’ll be reading your blog - thanks!


This is absolutely :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Crikey, the opener is gorgeous


The whole thing is wondrous


Confirmed. This has the official AT seal of approval.


Uhh yeahhh… wow…!! Blissful!


One that escaped me on it’s day of release, 36 - Circuit Bloom. Lovely piano based tape loops.


Oh I’d been meaning to post about that. It’s good stuff - really like his aesthetic. Did you see he just announced he’s trying out a year of just releasing songs when they’re done through patreon as a kind of subscription?


I’d not seen that. Do you have a link please? Wouldn’t mind reading about that.



Cheers AT


This is something I thought the American Dollar were doing too.


Interesting. Not sure I’m sold on the concept tbh - I love the flow and narrative conveyed by a well-constructed album. That said, I did have huge fun making playlists out of that Aphex Twin soundcloud dump.